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Dodge Fire and Rescue 1
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Ft. Worth FDFt. Worth FDFt. Worth FD Ft. Worth Fire Dept -This site has a large gallery of exquisite images by Glen E. Ellman, which are well worth taking the time to see.
Brush 8 1975 Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 BRUSH 8    Marion, PA Volunteer Fire Company
Mini Pumper 241 Mini pumper 241 which was retired in 1999 had the rear bed removed and restored and placed on this new Dodge Ram truck in January 2000. This mini pumper resumed the number 241. It carries 250 gallons of water and is used for a variety of calls.
Dayton, TN Fire Department
Ram 3500Ram 3500 Ram 3500 utility truck    Fair Oaks PA Volunteer Fire Department 
46C-1 Fire Chief Vehicle Squad 46C-1 Fire Chief Vehicle (Command)    City of Clairton PA VFD/EMS
I think this one is a Dodge, but it's hard to tell from the photo.    Covert Township MI Fire and Ambulance
Power Wagon MA DEM/State Forestry District 5 operates this Power Wagon for patrol and PR duties.    Rowley MA FD
1977 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup Squad 1 is a military surplus 1977 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup, with a 318 V8, automatic, and full-time 4wd. A red paint job and used light bar are all that was needed to ready this workhorse for service. Squad 1 is used for any miscellaneous utility jobs, including moving wet hose and other equipment to and from fire scenes. Rowley MA FD
This 1936 Dodge open-cab with a body by Maxim has a 6-cylinder, 4 speed drivetrain, with a 250 gpm gear pump. Engine 2 was in front line service until 1974. The department still owns this truck, and it looks almost the same as when it was delivered.   Rowley MA FD
Forestry 1 is a 1953 military 'M37' 3/4 ton pickup. It carries a skid-mounted 250 GPM Hale portable pump with a 250 gallon UPF plastic tank. Although not very fast on the road, its Chrysler 6-cylinder, 4-speed transmission, and all wheel drive will take it just about anywhere off road. This little truck will be around for a long time, because there is nothing else like it available today. More info about this engine        Rowley MA FD