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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo gallery - scale models from the web

 Model Ram Photos 2
Models of Rams from around the web

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A Dodge Ram VTS Model kit, including paints, brushes, and glue is available from the Ram Store. I have one of these and will post a photo when I have it assembled.

Matchbox 1946 Power Wagon WDX with winch, pintle hook and spare; dark green with black fenders and running boards. Available from Vintage Power Wagons

1/30 Scale Power Wagon Wrecker Green with black fenders, (red under carriage), twin boom wrecker, with Mohawk tires, mounted spare, extra heavy push bumper and gas can. Opening the hood reveals a detailed 230 cu. inch 6-cylinder engine. Tailgate opens too! Available from Vintage Power Wagons

The red truck is a 1:18 Scale Dodge Ram 3500, which features opening doors and hood. The 2500 Advantage Pickup has authentic graphics, steerable wheels and opening doors, hood and tailgate. Both are available from your dealer or from Mopar Collection as Part No: A16191122 for the 3500 and A25610722 for the 2500.

This is part of a Ram diecast model collection that appears in the Highway18 gallery.

A Maisto 1/24 die cast Ram SS/T is available from

1998 Ram SS/T model 1998 Ram SS/T model 1998 Ram SS/T model 1998 Ram SS/T model has a 1/24 Maisto diecast Dodge Ram SS/T