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 Engine Photos 1
Photos from around the web
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Scott W's White 2001.5 3500 ETH/DEE 4X4 QC with an ATS 3-piece manifold, HX40 turbo, and Pyscotty air system. Scott has posted several photos of the engine accessories.

first camper and truck

Stevan Gajic's "Puff" 98 Ram 2500 TurboDiesel 5 speed. The exhaust manifold is wrapped with a fiberglass tape made by ThermoTech. Steve reports both cooler operating temps, due to reduced heat soak, and increased fuel economy due to improved functioning of the intercooler.

Not a Ram engine, this Hemi was built by Ron Feathers for a customer's 1965 Dodge Coronet A990 Super Stock Hemi Clone Car.

Bill White's AirRaid system on his 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 with a 5.9L V8.

Think this cat diesel generator would fit in your Ram? Generating 3000 horses at 1800 rpm, it holds 110 gal oil and consumes approx. 125 gal. per hr of diesel. This photo appears in Rick Harvey's Albums
Allison T63-A700 turbine engine installed in a boat by Nye Thermodynamics At the bottom of the page is a wav file of the engine starting, and a mpeg video of the boat running.
Paul Whittaker's 2000 Ram 2500 V-10
Featured at Performance Diesel: Nowel’s Red Ram Rocket now has a Twin Turbo system! Before the twins, Nowel was already turning 13.1 sec / 112mph quarter miles.
Dual turbo setups from Enterprise Engine for diesel truck pulls and drag races.
Bolt this into your Ram! The 5.9L Cummins Marine 370B - that's 370 hp!
Dave Dee's photos of a NE MD TDR gathering has a nice shot of the Cummins chrome engine accessories.