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 Bent Rams 3
Damaged Ram Photos from junkyards on the web

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2001 1500 QC - screen grabs from the crash test

2001 1500 QC V8

1996 1500 QC V8

1994 2500 Regular Cab V8

2001 2500 QC V10

1999 1500 QC V8

1996 2500 Regular Cab V8 found on a junkyard page

DiRT member Bill White watched in shock as his well modified 2000 Ram went up in smoke.

This burned diesel was posted on an AOL Member page
power grizz on the TDRoundtable lost his 91, 250, 4x4 when deer jumped out and hit the passenger side tire, throwing him in the trees. Fortunately, power grizz walked away with a minor cut a black eye. His tale is in the1st generation forum.

This diesel Ram hit a semi almost head-on. The pickup was destroyed but driver survived. More photos of this are in the TDR Album 701