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 Bent Rams 1
Damaged Ram Photos from around the web
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Jason Koszola's first Ram after several rolls.

Robert Novak's photos of Papa Joe's 3500 hit nearly head on by another pickup.

John's Ram after a Nissan Sentra crossed the line and sideswiped his truck. This damage was repaired 100%

This Ram driver suffered a seizure and crashed into an ambulance. The driver of the Ram was listed in critical condition after transport to a hospital. From the photo stories section of

Rick Spaulding's 2001 1500 was nailed by a 10,000 pound tree. The first photo was taken before the disaster. More damage photos on Rick's page.

Ken Lenger took these shots of a 3500 that rolled its trailer.

JHerrlich rolled his two week old Intense Pearl Blue, SLT+ QC Sport SWB 4x4. Photo was posted to the TDR Forum.