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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo image gallery - snapshots
 Ram Photos 7
Photos from the roads, jobsites, and parking lots around Blacksburg, VA  
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I found this work truck on a quiet side street where older home are frequently remodeled.
Three bed mounted tool boxes, a cab guard, and the ladder rack mark this 2500 diesel as a contractor's truck.

Sitting at a business on Main Street was this Black lifted 1500 SST with a for sale sign.
The truck has a light bar, a scoop hood, a 6" lift and 35" tires.
Some shots of the Skyjacker suspension components.
  The first two photos show the front mounted receiver hitch, the third photo is of a side bar.

A tree cutting crew with a large stump grinder behind the 1500 was maneuvering into a yard.
This truck did not appear to have taken a hit from falling limbs - yet.