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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo image gallery - snapshots
 Ram Photos 6
Photos from the roads, jobsites, and parking lots - Kingsport, TN April 2001
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This lowered 3500 with a hood scoop passed Sue and me on I-81 in SW VA.
The photos were shot thru Sue's windows.
This tree cutting crew has a large stump grinder behind the Ram.
This "ouch" is from navigating between trees.
This cool 3500 dump truck was beside Rt11 waiting for a load. The owner was happy to have it photographed and joked that he hoped I would get his phone number in the shot. I made sure that I did.
At a fuel station in E TN, I found this W250 with a dual rear wheel conversion at the pumps.
The owner had bought the truck for his farm, but both he and his wife liked it so much that they were driving it daily.