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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo image gallery
Dodge Ram Photo Gallery
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Gallery 1 Index
Dave Fritz 1994 2500HD diesel 4X4 with extensive modifications for off road camping (many photos)
wedding party The wedding party "accessorized" the Groom's Ram at this wedding! (7 photos)
Chazdzl23 95 5.9L, 3.5, 3in. body lift, 3in. Suspension lift, Dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, K&N. (1 photo)
TDR Rally Photos September 12, 1998 Rally photos from Tim Butterfield (many photos)
Wild Bill 96 1500 4X4 with custom "body sculpting" from trail riding (2 photos)

Ronnie Talamante

Black 1996 2500 ClubCab diesel 4X4 with a Prozap bumper and navigation gear (1 photo)
Bill Swails

1998 2500 diesel 4X4 EarthRoamer extensively equipped for expedition use (many photos)

Stan Steel 2500HD Diesel 4X4 with 400 hp from the oil-burner (1 photo of truck, 9 photos of manifolds and clutches)
Corrado Melilli 1998 and 99 3500 4X4 ISB diesel Rams towing large car haulers  (7 photos)
Dennis Hutchins 1995 1500 4X4 truck does it all,  in the mud or on the road at 100 mph  (5 photos)
Dennis Brzezinski

1998 Quad Cab Shortbed Sport fully customized  (3 photos)

Megan F Shiny yellow 1999 Sport Ram  (7 photos)

1998 Sport Ram - 2 photos in the snow

Gallery 2 Index
Rob L 1998 Sport Ram with Performance Computer, K&N Filter, Borla Dual Exhaust, engine mods to produce 250 hp / 300 ft-lb, sound system (4 photos)
Kris Corwin 1998 Sport Ram slammed with many interior, exterior, and performance enhancements  (5 photos)
Dave 1998 Sport Ram  (1 photo)
Barry Lane 1992 W250 (4X4) Diesel flatbed for gooseneck towing   (1 photo)
HMI Welding 1989 D250 diesel flatbed loaded with welding gear  (5 photos)
Mike Gaudet Creative work with the image editor produces a 4 axle Stretch Ram  (1 photo)
Nick Magilton Lifted 4X4 with many off road enhancements  (8 photos)
Michael McClanahan 1997 SS/T 5.9 liter V-8  (1 photo)
Matthew Stoeckle Lifted 1996 Ram 1500 4X4 with exhaust and stereo improvements  (1 photo)
Kristie 1997 Ram 1500 QC with leather, wood grain dash   (1 photo)
Jay Gibson 1996 1500 4X4 Lifted, equipped with an entertainment center (and trophy collection). (13 photos)
Brandon Paledova

A show photo of the T-Rex and another of a tricked out dually.  (2 photos)

Gallery 3 Index
Bob Prager 1997 Sport Ram with custom painted stripes.  (4 photos)
Bill Cabiness 1999 3500 4x4 Lariat SLT with a V10.  (1 photo)
Barry Kelderman 1999 2500 V10 QC SB with stainless steel accessories.  (2 photos)
Arvada, CO FD Brush 8 1992 W350 CC Turbodiesel for brush/wildfire fighting.  (1 photo)
Jesse Miller 1998 2500 4X4 with the 24 Valve ISB diesel.  (1 photo)
John D 1997 2500 diesel 4X4 sport with a Reunel bumper, good stuck photo  (6 photos)
Damien 1997 1500 4X4 with lift, trail enhancements, and plans for the future  (3 photos)
Mopar Bob 1998 1500 SLT daily driver that wins shows. (1 photo)
Donnie Salter 1994 2WD beautifully transformed after a wreck  (3 photos)
Mark Patterson 1999 1500 4x4 Sport  (1 photo)
Danny 1999 SLT Laramie loaded with options  (2 photos)
Ricky Theil 1995, 4X4, 2500 Cummins, red/silver paint  (2 photos)
Gallery 4 Index
Dave 1996 1500 2WD, V8, with a unique two tone green paint combination   (1 photo)
Cary Bailey 2500 QC 2WD diesel   (2 photos)
Frank Simkowski 1998 diesel 4X4 with the wick turned up.  (5 photos)
Donald Miller 1999 1500 4x4, stuck story & photos   (5 photos)
Gill B 1990 Ramcharger in excellent condition   (1 photo)
Graham M 1982 Ramcharger still chugging along   (3 photos)
Kelly K 1999 Supercharged Sport Ram 1500   (2 photos)
VT student's SS/T photos of a green SS/T I took on campus one day    (4 photos)
Mike K 1999 Sport Quad Cab 1500   (1 photo)
Jim Beland 1997 SS/T with 312hp and a matching bed cap   (2 photos)
Edward Perry 1996 1500 SB with an enhanced sound system, 32x11.50 Wild Country mud's (3 photos)
Elliston VA Fire
1987 Ram 3500 Attack 24 First Responder carries water, foam, entry gear, Hurst tool and extracation gear, generator, pole lights, backboards, and FA equipment to most of Elliston's calls. (12 photos)
Gallery 5 Index
Dave Quick 1995 2500 4X4 with 9" of lift and 40" tires
Menohome 1998 4x4 with 8" lift and custom suspension
Jonathan Myers 1953 Fargo still on the road!
Jerry Lott 1995 2WD CC Lowered and customized
Dan Kenney 1998 SST with matching bed cap
D&M Used parts 1959 +/- Dodge Power Wagon
Mark Schuessler Red 1999 Dually set up for hauluing horses
Curtis Brian 1998 1500 SS/T Ram in Guam
Kyle Michael computer generated sport tandem axle
Michael Leix 2000 QC Short Bed 2500 diesel 4X4
Jason Duke 1996 SLT Ram 1500 4x4
Unknown Owner W250 diesel with a custom camper - found vacationing in Alaska
Gallery 6 Index
Mike Hitomi 1996 1500 V8 CC 4X4
Curt Goyette 3500 4X4 with for 5th wheel pulling
Ken Tenpenny sent photos of two airplane & /boat towing rams
Don Davidson 1999 V8 2500 3/4 ton 4X4 CC SB in Colorado
Alan Thompson 1996 Dodge Indy Ram Edition Pace Truck
Ed Renneckar two desert shots of his 1999 2500 QC 4X4 Sport
Craig Kelleher Nice 1999 Ram SST with matching bed cover (updated with 3 new photos 4/7/00)
Dave Schlueter Loaded 2000 Sport Ram 1500
Ken Miller 1997 1500 4X4 with 2" lift and K&N FIPK
Casey Balvert 1997 2500 diesel for towing
Lane Lindsey 1999 Dodge Ram Sport HD 2500 V10 QC-LB lifted 4x4
Sue Fritz 2001 QC SB HO-diesel 6-speed 4X4 with Grover air horn, Pacbrake
Gallery 7 Index
Nevin McElwrath 1999 Solar Yellow Ram 1500 4X4 Sport with a 5.9L
Dustin Windsor 1997 Dodge Club Cab V8, Lifted 4X4, improved sound system
Dennis Calderone 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Quad-Cab 5.2L Automatic
Mutual FD 1995 2500 diesel 4X4
Dale Hemrick Red 1997 Ram SS/T daily driver
John West 1996 Ram 2500 4x4 with custom bumpers, HD suspension components., John builds custom HD Ram bumpers
Tim 'Popeye' Harrington After one truck is destroyed by Floyd, he orders another.
Al Plummer 1994 1500 with a custom Ram enblem painted on the hood
Mike (Big-T) 1998 black sport 4X4, FIPK, Flowmaster exhaust system, more
Dan Sirois 2001 2500 QC LB diesel - loaded with options and stainless steel
Alex Levinson 1998 QC 2500 4x4 360 3.55 5-speed
Ted Nokes 1995 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4X4, 5.9 L w/ 3"lift, 36" swampers, more
Gallery 8 Index
Rick Dusch 1993 W250 diesel set up for off road expeditions
Wes Demusz V10 3500 with engine upgrades (4 photos)
Tom Ellis 1987 3/4 Ton Dodge PowerRam 4x4 ready for the bushes
Eddie Casanueva 1999 2500 diesel used to haul trail rigs around the country in support of his off-road equipment business.
Matt Donnelly Ram with a train horn mounted in the bed.
David Kumhyr 1999 3500 QC diesel with Brown's Welding bumpers
Eric Pfeifer 1996 1500 SB/CC/5.2L. The Green Beast has a long list of additions
Michael Cooper 1997 SS/T burning rubber
Tod Dewar 1994 1500 4X4 with 5" lift, 38" swampers, winch
Dustin Ingraham 2001 red diesel 4x4 stuck in a ravine
Stephen Weigel many concept drawings for a 2000+ Rams and other vehicles
Gallery 9 Index
James Brown 2001 2500 QC LB Sport, HO Diesel, 6-speed (5 photos)
Kevin Isenberg 1998 SS/T, and a rare Shelby Charger (7 photos)
Brendan McCarth 1998 1500 CC SB 2WD in the UK (1 photo)
Jack Smith 2001 2500 QC SB diesel (4 photos)
BadDodgegirl Red 1999 4X4 (1 photo)
Bill Lowden 1996 2500 4X4 w/ 5" lift, 35's and plans for more. (1 photo)
Fritz Hempy and Dave Fritz East meets west at Reunel Inc. (1 photo)
Stan Prueitt Two trucks, a Ramcharger, and other interesting vehicles. (6 photos)
Stan Prueitt A ten wheel Ram Tow-Rex used to transport the T-Rex. (2 photos, 3 concept drawings)
Shawn 1995 1500 SLT 318 5.2L with all the bells and whistles plus engine mods   (5 photos)
Aaron Arnold Rare 1964 W300 diesel Powerwagon (2 photos)
Janson Smith Creative work with a photo editor produces this Ramcharger.     (1 photo)
Gallery 10 Index
Hans-Christian Gerlach 1996 1500 CC, SB, 5.9L V8 - in Germany - lifted, performance mods, body armor, more (many photos)
Matt Huelsman 2001 1500 Sport QC 5.2L SLT with additional goodies
Steve Gland 1996 1500 SLT 4X4 with 100k+ miles on the clock 1997 loaded SLT 1500 4WD Dodge Ram Sport for sale
Mike Polkki 1993 Power Ram W150 and his old 1986 w150 (6 photos)
Luis Tellechea 1998 QC lifted Sport 2wd with 35" MT's, a HD sound system, and more
Charlie Beasley 2002 1500 - stock for the moment (4 photos)
Eric Davis 1998 2500 QC LB diesel and 34' 5th wheel
Jordan Barnes For Sale: 1500 4X4 with lift, 35's, body armor, paint and graphics
Missinnicole One photo, No details
Bud Norman QC 2500 V-10 4X4 with 3" lift, flipped U-bolts, relocated shocks, and Ford tow rings (4 trail photos)
Jason Schuren 1999 QC SB 4X4 5.9L auto w/ Offroadster Front Coils, Eagle alloys
Gallery 11 Index
John McIntyre 2000 Ram 3500 Sport stationed in Germany/UK
Terry Richards 1997 CC SLT 1500 with a bed cap
Chris Ward 1999 2500 Dodge QC Cummins 4X4 with a slide on camper
Monty Dyer 1992 Dodge 1 Ton, LS package, 145,000 miles, 5 speed manual, straight pipe exhaust and K&N
David Dehaven 1500 SB 4X4 with a bed mounted PVC pipe tent frame for a tarp tent.
Beartrack Custom center console photos from Bob Robertson's 2001 2500
Mike Crossley Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4 pulling a 5th wheel camper
Bob H 2001 Dodge Quad Cab SB 1500 with a 5.2L Magnum V-8
Arcola Pleasant Valley VFD 1968 Power Wagon brush truck
Jeff D See the amazing flying Ram! - Stock 2001 Dodge 1500 SLT with a 360 motor.
Milo 1978 Power Wagon of many colors.
Dave Fritz Photos of other Rams in Canada and Alaska from my summer 2000 trip.
Gallery 12 Index
Keith Wiebensohn 2002 Ram photos taken at the Chicago Auto Show. (8 Photos)
Greg Casteel brand new silver 2001 1500 QC SB (5 photos)
Bryan Brown 1998 Green metalic 1500 with SS grill inserts and more. (2 photos)
Helli 1500 Four Wheeling in AUSTRIA (Europe). (3 photos)
Dave Beam 2000 QC SB, 2500HD w/ 5.9L V8, 6" lift, 36" tires, dual exhaust, more! (3 photos)
Colin Gordon 2001 1500 on an ice road in the Northwest Territories.
Curtis McLeod 1995 Dually, stock 5.9 diesel w/ a K & N, 4.10 gears, and red/white waterfall paint. (1 photo)
David Yaffe Trail shots of Dave's 1500 QC SB sport having fun.  (4 photos)
USA 6X6 Daniel Little and Stan Prueitt are now building a Ram 6x6 T-Rex - watch their progress!.   (many photos)
Law Dog 2000 QC SB 4X4, 2500 "POWER WAGON" diesel with an enclosed trailer and 3 snowmobiles (10 photos)
Jim Wilson 1997 2500 4x4 CC Diesel Ram with A.R.E. topper, Line-X liner, Westin nerf bars, TST power, Autometer boost and EGT gauges, 305/70/16 Goodyear AT-S tires. (1 photo)
Hummer Not a Ram, but it has the right engine - a Cuimmins B (9 photos)
Gallery 13 Index
Jack McLean 1997 Ram 1500 5.2L V8 daily driver with 95,000 Miles, body and suspension lift, traction bars, Gibson exhaust, K&N intake, 35" tires, American Racing wheels. (4 photos)
Jeff Banker A slammed 2002 photo manipulation of what Bank's plans to do. (1 photo)
Matt Pepe 2001 Off Road in Driftwood, with a "Jason hugger" bed lid (4 photos)
Jairus Tourscher "Temporary Insanity" 476 cid alcohol burning pull truck (3 photos)
John Watson "Bart" 1998 Quad Cab, 3500, 4x4, automatic, 3.54 L.S. (1 photo)
Randy Waldron 1991 W250 LE 4X4 Diesel with an NV4500 5 speed (6 photos)
Cummins Pace Truck Indy pace truck on the VT campus one day (5 photos)
Rob Lowe 1994 1500 4X4 5.2L with 390 Gears, Piolit Intake, Performance Computer, Dual Exhaust, High-flow Cat, Custom Seats, Custom Grill, Custom Stereo, Window Tint (1 photo)
Richard Tillery 1500 (5 photos on the beach)
Paul Knutson 1500 4X4 with Borla dual exhaust, K&N, CB, CD Changer, Phone, Spray liner, Westin step up with push bar, Sun roof. (2 photos)
Tom Patterson 1998.5 2500 CC/SB diesel 4X4, 5spd, PM3, K/N, Detroit front locker, DT trackbar, Prozap bumper, Warn M12000, National front coils, Rancho 9000's, Yokohama M/T's 35", American Racing wheels, Quickair II, Donnelly modified Sachs clutch (many photos)
Gallery 14 Index
Bill Schmitz 27 photos from the "Meet the Mayor of Truckville" event held in Philadelphia PA October 6, 2002
John Pavlovic Installation of a Centrifugal Oil Filter on his 12V diesel (6 photos)
James Shondel 2001 Diesel QC SB 4X4 with a 4" exhaust, K&N filter, and a flag (3 photos)
Mike Clay 2001 2500 HO, 6 speed , 4x4, Dark Garnet Red, all options except leather. Added: gauges, Nerf Steps, brush & grill guard, NW Custom rocker panels, Jacobs E-brake, Mag-Hytec diff cover, more. Tows a 30' Gulf Stream Sea Hawk 5th Wheel triple slide. (3 photos)
Justin Bradshaw 1500 QC LB features a 5'' Skyjacker suspension lift and 35x12.50 tires and 15x10 Eagle 589 wheels. (2 photos)
Marc McAteer 1999 2500 QC LB 4X4 with a V8, 4.10's, 11" lift, 39" Swampers, throttle body spacer, Jet stage 2 chip, K&N, Power Rear Window, Sidewinder Steps, Pioneer CD, infinity speakers, Camper Shell. (2 photos)
Steve Gardner 2000 1500 4X4 V8 - Dual Exhaust, Lighted Hood Emblem, Logo valve stem caps, K&N, GTS blackouts, 5% limo tint, 3" Body lift, 5" Flex lift, 16-35/15 Boggers on ARE 767 15x10's, Shackle Hitch, Mopar Tow hooks(18 four wheeling photos)
Eric Hoover Texas "Big Bee" 1500 Scat pack version of a 1500 V8 4X4 with wood grain dash, sliding rear window, brushed aluminum side step pipes, dual exhaust, Jet chip, K&N. (12 photos)
Terry Tomlinson A pair with plows. 94 and 95 Dodge 2500 4x4 Cummins Turbo Diesel Rams with 8 ft Boss V Plows (1 photo)
William Sharp 2001 4WD with a 360 V8 and Flowmaster exhaust, Westin push bar, Rally 100w off road lights, 285-75R16 Kelly Springfield All Terrains. (2 photos)
Mark Filipowicz Project Bad Monkey 4X4 detail photos. (2 photos)
Gallery 15 Index
Martin Silverman 3 Landscaping/Snowplow trucks: '01 3500 dump bed, '01 3500 QC, '98 2500 QC (5 photos)
Keith Wiebensohn Ram SRT-10 photos from the Jan 2002 International Auto Show (6 photos)
Rick Kruck 1995 V10 4X4, lifted 12", 39.5 x 18 x 16.5 Boggers, Mopar Performance RT, Dynatrac stage 3 front D60, lockers, more. Plays in mud bogs. (10 photos)
Ron Pennybacker Patriot blue 4x2 Ram 1500 (1 photo)
Justin Kerr black 2001 1500 QC 4x4 Off Road 5.9L with Warn Trans4mer, Warn HS9500i winch, 130 watt 8" Pro-Comp lights, 100 watt 6" KC lights, custom light bar, tinted windows, tool chest, HD towing package, full body skid plates, strobe lights, Cobra CB, bedliner (7 photos)
Keith Wiebensohn 2003 HD Ram, Ram SRT-10, and Raminator photos from the 2002 Chicago Auto Show (18 photos)
pentigram pie 1995 "Shag'n Wagon", 5.9 L, K&N, Gibson cat-back, 5 1/2" Lift, 35" Yokahoma M/T's, Eagle Alloy Wheels, Two 10 Inch Woofers, tint, And The Special Shag Carpet Lair. (6 photos)
Scott Gaskill 2001 1500 QC SB sport with 2" coil drop up front, 4" shackle and hangers in back, Belltech nitro-active drop shocks, 18" Enkei RT-6's, 305/55 Nitto 404's, PIAA lights, APC taillights, 650 watts of high end sound. (5 photos)
Randy Bemont 2002 flame red 1500 4X4 with a regular cab and 8' bed, fog lights, trailer tow package, sliding rear window, and CD player, and a rubber bed mat. (5 photos)
Keith Wiebensohn 2003 3500 Ram Hemi photos from the 2002 Milwaukee Auto Show (7 photos)
Jeff Jones 2000 1500 Off-Road with taller springs(7 photos)
( Barney Cox)
1997 1500, 4X4, LB with tinted windows, bedliner, bed rails, ventshade side window covers and GTS shadeblade on rear window, custom graphics, 33x12.50x15 Bridgetone Dueler M/T on 10"x15" American Racing 39 series rims. (9 photos)
Gallery 16 Index 1995 1500 2WD with a 3" body lift and a 6.5" suspension lift, 15x12 Eagle alloys and 35x14.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted tires. (1 photo) no details (5 photos)
Bernie 1999 1500 5.2L 4X4 with a 5 inch superlift, 35 inch Micky's, Ram air hood, MSD ignition, K&N, dual exhaust, Flowtech ceramic coated headers, Magnaflow cats, and Hooker tuned flow muffler/tips. (8 photos)
Todd Penney 1999 2500 turbodiesel with winch/bumper, camper (5 photos)
Jason Schafer 2001 dodge 2500 SLT+ with Westin side steps and grille guard, and much more planned (4 photos)
Todd Poole 2001 1500 5.9L 4X4 Off Road Package (1 photo)
Kevin Huddleston 1995 1500 4x4, 3" lift, 15x10 rims with 35x13.5 MT Baja Claws, Kestone fiberglass front bumper with 6inch PIAAs, custom seats and paint, much more! (4 photos) 
Roy Barbour 1998 Sport QC 5.9L 4x4 with 5" Skyjacker lift, 35/12.5x15 Kelly Wild Spirits on American Racing Baja wheels, Dynomax dual cat back exhaust, Rhino Lining, Westin nerf bars, Better Built tool box, and a Midland CB with a Wilson Firestick antenna. (3 photos)
Larry Thomason 1996 Dually 3500 (1 photo)
Jason Clouse 1996 318 with several mods (1 photo) 1996 1500 CC SB SLT 4x4 in Berlin Germany (3 photos)
Lee Prickett "The FireMun" - 1999 Sport 1500 5.9L, tool box, bed liner, rear roll pan, Billet Grill, Custom Lights, 16x10 Wheels w/ 285.60R16 Eagle GT II's, rear lowered 2.5", Reconstructed Interior, window tinting, numerous engine enhancements, Dyno'd @ 326hp 450 ft lbs (1 photo)
Gallery 17 Index
Joe Frank 1996 5.2L 1500 4X2 Short Bed Extended Cab, 60,239 Original Miles, 285/75/R16 Tires, Westin Grille Guard with lights, Westin Nerf Bars.(10 photos)
Marco From Switzerland, a 1996 1500 Ram. With 5.2L V8, Progressive 18" Billet Wheels, 285/55/18, K&N, Smoked Head Light Covers, "Ram Head" Taillight Covers, 3rd Break Light Cover "Ram", Front Bumper in black, Pioneer Multi CD Changer (7 photos)
Joe Abbate 2002 1500 sport, stock truck + 1 photo stock with a bed tent (3 photos)
Juan Jose Castillo 1997 Ram Runner V6 with K&N, Bosch wires, 60XT PIAA, P-1000 PIAA, Ultra White PIAA bulbs, 275/60 R15's, Rhino-Liner, toolbox, Custom paint, step bars, Remote starter (3 photos)
Rich Ehrie 2001 Intense Blue Ram 1500 QC SLT Sport, Westin Platinum Step Bars, Sport Masters Tonneau, FlowmasterMuffler with custom pipes by Kutztown Auto Exhaust, Valley Industries Class IV hitch, and a K&N Filter. (3 photos)
Josh from Texas 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 with 5.2LV8, K&N, 2.5" Superlift, Procomp Xt 305/70/16 on Mickey Thompson wheels, Westin Push Bar, Stull Billet Grille, Maap MAAP Nerf Bars, Warn Thinline Fender Flares, exhaust straight out the back. (4 photos)
A. J. 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Off-Road, 360 V8, Gibson headers and exhaust, K&N air intake (3 photos)
Marc Lee 1986 W250 with owner fabricated 8" lift, ladder bars, front and rear bumpers, and rollbar/rack.  35-12.5 BFG Muds. Ramsey 10,000 pound front winch, Ramsey 8,000 pound rear winch. Work booms added by Marc to do custom lifting jobs. (6 photos)
Kelley Crossette 1999 QC 5.2L 1500 mostly stock. (3 photos)
Dick Breukhoven 2000 QC imported into the Netherlands (7 photos)
Zachariah Kuczynski 1984 4X4 with 1,374,678 mi., a 360 bored .060 over and enhanced, shift kit, 2" body lift, 31" BFG's, and more to come (1 photo)
Ernie Little 1998 1 ton 4x4 with a 12V Cummins, 4:10 gears AT. (4 photos)
Gallery 18 Index
Taylor Clark 4x4 Ext cab - 5.9 liter 360 - Goodyear AT/S tires - Mossy Oak Camo Step Bars, tool box, and Decals - Kenwood Audio CD player, 10 disc changer, 6x9's - Dual Catback exhaust. (3 photos)
Danny Gilbert 1996, 5.9L, 727 Torqueflite tranny, 18" lift, dual 2.5" exhaust with 3" tips, 44" boggers, 5.13 gears, custom paint. (4 photos)
Dave Okkema Ram with camper, trailer, and utility vehicles (1 photo)
Thomas Sanchez 2000 1500 4x4 QC - 5.9L, K&N, Rancho 5000's, 285/75 Cooper AT's, PioneerCD, Memphis 500W amp, 10' Mepmphis Subs. (1 photo)
Art Maddox 2001 1500 Show winner with more accesories than can be listed here (1 photo)
mycoman2 K&N intake, Accel ignition, dual exhaust, Hellroaring battery system w/Optimas, Perma-Cool, fan, 6” lift, Eagle Alloys wheels, 35" tires, Powertrax  No-slip, Century cap, 4”in. rack/spare tire mount, Westin pushbar, Smittybilt nerf bars, moonvisor and hood scoops, Rhino Liners , Bushwacker flares, bed liner, lights, sound system, alarm, more (1 photo)
Sheryl Johnson 2002 1500 and looking for chrome accessories (5 photos)
Mike Gendron 1997 3500 Club Cab 4X4 Diesel, used to tow a 28.5 ft. Baja Cig. Boat, Campers, Tag alongs and Fifth Wheels. (3 photos)
David Sowders 1998 1500 QC with Ram Air, Induction hood, Truck Trends bumper, Sport mirrors, rear roll pan, Gibson exhaust tips, Magnaflow Cat and exhaust, "QuickD" throttle body, performance computer, "Sport" grill, 3rd brake light and tail light covers, Halogen back up lights, 2" dropped rear shackles, Stainless dash kit, power pullies, tonneau cover, lockable underseat storage, Trango Shift kit, Posi and 4.10 gears, racing stripes, and Leather Interior.
Paul Rancourt 1990 Diesel W250 (2 photos)
Jesse D 1996 QC 1500 with 6in. Superlift, 37X12.50-17 Goodyear MTR'S, 17X10 custom made Weld Sidewinders, JVC Kameleon CD, JBL speakers, Pioneer 400W amp, dual exhaust, tinted windows, husky tool box, oil and tranny coolers (2 photos)
Greg Vacca Jr. 1999 5.2L, 5spd 1500 4x4 Sport QC w/ 3" Super-Lift, 295/75r16, K&N FIPK, Magnaflow Exhaust, H.I.D. conversion, Bug-Flectors, Weather-tech visors, Tint, Line-X, A.R.E. tonneau w/ Yakima mounts, APC Euro-Lenses, Concealed hitch, KC Back Up Lamps, NuImage Guage Faces, Dash-Mat, Pioneer DEH-P640, P.G. 500w Amp, JL Audio 10", D.E.I. Python 6 Stage Alarm (4 photos)
Gallery 19 Index
Lloyd Robbins "Christine" is a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT with tow package, new paint, 5" suspension lift, Eagle Alloy 15 x 10 rims with new 37" Goodyear Wrangler ATS tires, Flowmaster 40 series muffler with dual stainless tips. (8 photos)
Lorne Pastorius 2001 2500 loaded with every option and towing a 5th wheel trailer (1 photo + 1 photo of  1993 D-250LE Diesel)
Ryan Breedlove 1997 4x4 with 33 inch Dueler AT's, Ram tail light covers & 3rd brake light cover, toolbox, Line-x bedliner, Bed x-tender, Flowmaster exhuast, CB, Alpine stereo, Kenwood 450 watt amp & speakers, Alpine sub, tinted windows, Dodge mud flaps. (9 photos)
Meaghan 2001 4X4 Red Sport, with plans for numerous accessories. (2 photos)
Wayne Sangster 1986 3/4 ton with 318ci V8 and 33" tires stuck in the mud. (1 photo)
N. Jordan Kiener 1997 1500 ext. Cab, V8 automatic, dual exhaust. (2 photos)
Jason Cunningham 1997 1500 SLT 4X4 CC, LWB 5.9L V8 Auto Flowmaster exhaust, Westin Grille Guard Cobra CB, Alpine stereo, Boston Rally speakers, Xtant Amp 5" Skyjacker stage II lift, 35 x 12.5 x 16.5 BFG Mud T/A tires, Weld Racing (Scorpio) 16.5" rims (4 photos)
Frank Potts 2001 Ram 4x4, stock with US flag rear window decal (4 photos)
Scott Zaffram 2003 Quad Cab LB Ram (TurboDiesel) 4X4 SLT Sport, fully loaded, 35" Mickey Thompsons ON 17"X9" RIMS, 2" leveling kit, 2" leveling kit, nerf bars, 4 air horns, tool box, and rhino lined the rockers and bed .(2 photos)
Bryan Kroeker 2001 Ram 1500 Sport Off-Road. 5.2L Quad cab 5 Spd. Stock. Soon adding K&N intake, Performance chip, Duel exhaust. (1 photo)
Chris Greer 1998 Dodge Ram QC 4x4 w/ 33x12.5x15 on Primax 15x10's, steel cowl hood, roll pan, Alpine, MTX and Polk system, etc… (1 photo)
Topper 1996 1500 SLT 4x4, 5" suspension and 3" body lift, 37" SSR's on 15x10 AR Outlaw II's (1 photo)
Gallery 20 Index
Dace Buxbaum 1994 1500 4x4 with a 360 crate engine bored 20 over, flat top pistons, roller cam, Magnum R/T heads, Flow Tech headers, dual exhaust & glasspacks, Mopar computer and K&N filter. Also 3" lift, 33" Super Swampers, American Racing wheels. (1 photo)
Mike Brown 1999 QC 4X4, Cummins, 5 Speed, 5" Tuff Country Lift, Rancho Shocks, Warn M12000 on custom built mount, KC Daylighters, Cobra CB, 16 X 10 Ultra Wheels, 315/75R 16 BFG All-Terrain T/A KO's, K&N Gen II FIPK w/Drycharger, AutoMeter Boost, EGT, and Fuel Pressure gauges on pillar, PowerEdge Comp, 4" Jegs exhaust, and a HD Buckstop Rear Bumper. (4 photos)
Mike 2003 1500 with a 5.7L Hemi, the 545 5 speed automatic, 3.92 gears in a 9 1/4 rear end, 20" wheels, and power everything. (3 photos)
Joe Acey 2001 Ram 1500 with 13 in of custom lift sitting on 39.5 x 15 Swamper TSL's (1 photo)
Toshiki Aoyama Blue 2001 QuadCab Sport with a Kenwood CDMD stereo in Japan. (2 photos)
Brad 1999 1500 Sport (3 photos)
Tim Greenwalt 2002 1500; 4.7L, 5M, loaded with Westin Nerf Bars, Wade Caps, Splash Guards, Ram logo Floor Mats, Ram-Head Hitch cover Plate, Custom Dual Exhaust (soon to come this spring) (9 photos)
Tony Canales 1995 1500 5.2L AT with added Flowmaster exhaust, K&N filter, BFG ATs 285/75R16s, Alpine CD player, topper. (1 photo)
Brian Bech 2001 1500 V10 Ram Runner in Denmark (3 photos)
Kevin King 2001 HO 6 speed diesel used to deliver wood stoves. (2 photos)
Pat Pourier drives this 2500 diesel 4X4 Ram Border Patrol truck (2 photos)
Stéphane Bertrand 1996 2500, V8 on L.P.G., BF Goodrich MT 255/85/16, Custom exhaust in Paris, France (5 photos)
Gallery 21 Index
Jim Schooley 1997 2500 4X4 QC LB, custom lime green and black paint, stacks, ram head window covers, lund scoops , Nerf bars, and Ram head tail light covers (3 photos)
Filip Vanwynsberghe in Belgium a 1500 QC SB Laramie SLT+ 5.9L; automatic; 285 Michelins ; American Racing wheels; four ways exhaust pipe system; ram head hood ornament; chrome side bars; snug top; Sweet Tooth Grille Insert; 4 Hella Fog Lights (6 photos)
no1dodgegirl husband & wife with matching 2003 QC 2500 Rams. (3 photos)
Dodgehemi345hp 1500 Ram with a Hemi (4 photos)
Al Dobson 1988 Ramcharger with a 6" lift, 39" MT Bajas, fender flares, and a custom tailgate. 2003 Ram 1500 work truck. (15 photos)
B6108 2003 1500 5.7L 350hp HEMI looking to increase output to 410hp (1 photo)
Tony Morrison 2003 Laramie Quad Cab Hemi Off Road 4X4 (3 photos)
Tony Canales 1995 1500 5.2L, auto w/ Hughes shift kit, Flowmaster exhaust, K&N filter, BFG ATs 285/75R16s, topper, and an Alpine CD player. (1 photo)
William Toti 1997 1500 CC sport 4X4 with 5.2L, Jet stage 2 module, K&N filter charger, 180 thermostat, Flowmaster cat-back, 5" lift, American Racing wheels, 315-75R16 Muds, Leer shell, Rhino liner, chrome nerf bars, Fosgate 400a4 amp on 6 Infinity speaker, and Fosgate 500a2 on 2 10" woofers. (4 photos)
Jerry 2003 1500 Quad Cab, 4.7L engine, flame red (1 photo)
Christian Kuhner 1995 1500 SLT, 2WD with Bugflector, Flowmaster Header, Xenon T300 Fender Flares, New Leather inside, specialized decor (6 photos)
Francis Drake 2002 Quadcab HO diesel 6 speed that pulls a 12,400 pound 32 feet long 2003 Alfa Sun. (1 photo)
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Luke 1500 4X4 QC SB (4 photos) 2003 2500 4x4 HEMI powered, lifted, stereo DVD player, and custom box (1 photo)
Mark & Jane Benton 1997 with Ram Air Hood. (2 photos)
David Scott 95 Ram 1500 4X4 with 3in Rough Country Suspension Lift, 33x12.50R15 American Racing Wheels, Westin Push Bar, and Westin Step Bars, Heart Throb Custom Dual Exhaust with 3.5in Dynamax Chrome Tips. (1 photo)
Kenneth Nations 2000 4x4. Med. Bronze Metallic, 360 Auto., Shortbed, 2003 Dodge Ram 20" wheels and tires, Rhino Lined. (1 photo)
Ken 2000 1500 4X4 with 8 inch suspension lift and 3inch bodylift, Interco Trxus STS 15/39.5-15 Tires, USwheel Front 15X12J & Rear 15X14J. Ken's truch is in Tokyo Japan. (3 photos)
Joseph Galvan 2002 1500 4X4 QC with 23 inch Ferretti Venetto rims and Kumho tires, Volant cold air intake, Borla dual rear exhaust, MTX sub enclosures, JVC head unit, 6x9 front doors Sony Xplod, 6 1/2 Sony Xplod back doors. Century hard tonneau. (1 photo)
Paul Porter 1998.5 3500 Cummins 24-Valve Turbo Diesel with a Power Edge "Drag" Comp, PE4200 fuel pump, aFe MEGACANNON, and 5in. straight exhaust. Best Hp to date 325hp and 575ft. lbs. of torque. More additions to engine and transmission are planned. (2 photos)
Stefan Huber 1998 Ram 2500 Laramie, Quad Cab, Long Box with the 235HP 24V Cummins, a 5 speed manual, and 295-75-R16 BF-Goodrich tires. This is a work truck in Salzburg, Austria. (4 photos of 4X4 fun in Italy)
Robert Baldwin 1997 with a 3" body, a 5" suspension lift, and 36x14.5" Super Swamper TSL's. (3 photos)
Franz Huber From Austria: 2000 Ram 2500 diesel automatic with 2.5" lift, 35" tires, and plans for more. (8 photos of 4X4 fun in Italy)
Thomas Mize 1998 Dodge Ram 2wd, 318, SLT 1500 painted Deep Amethyst (1 photo)
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Steph Braun loaded 2000 Dodge Ram sport, 5.9 full loaded w/ Vortech supercharger, Belltech 2"/3" drop, Gibson headers & exhaust, Holley 52mm throttle body, Pace Edwards retracable tonneau cover, bedrug. (2 photos)
Rambug 1993 Ram 150 Big Magnum, Trailer package oil cooler, Automatic, Electronic Overdrive, Sliding rear window, Bed liner, Slotted side rails, Bulldog Remote Starter and Doors lock / unlock, low miles (80,000) (1 photo)
Pete Ricci 2004 Ram 1500 Laramie with 20" rims, leather seats and the HEMI (2 photos)
Wildfire Manufacturing 2003 Dodge 2500 diesel brush fire truck w/ automatic, 4X4, custom lift, 35” tires, 180 gallon tank, Darley Davey pump, foam, more! (4 photos)
Ryan Breedlove 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 w/ a K&N filter, Hypertech tuner, Flowmaster exhaust, Pro Comp lights, tow hooks, 33 inch BFG ST's, Rancho shocks, Ram light covers, tool box, Linex bedliner, bed x-tender, CB, Alpine head and 10 inch subs, Kenwood speakers and 450w amp. (8 photos)
Keaton Emmerich 1985 318, NV-4500 5-spd custom install Carter 600cfm 4bbl carb, Edelbrock manifold, swirl port TD spacer, K&N, headers, duals w/ glass packs, 3 1/2inch tips, flex lite fan, Edelbrock valve covers, Sunpro tach, sway-bar, Resse hitch, orange underbody street glow (3 photos)
Patrick Mawn 1997 QC 4X4 with LT 285 Firestone M/T's, Line-x bedliner, K&N (home made) intake, Flowmaster exh, 5.9 liter, Dodge mud flaps. Westin Bull Bar w/ skidplate, fog light, 2" leveling kit in the front, 1.5" Add-A-Leaf in the rear. (4 photos)
Doug 1997 Ram SS/T and a new QC 2WD HEMI (3 photos)
Tom Gordon 1996 Ram 1500 v8 318 with K&N cold air intake, JVC deck, Infinity kappa series speakers, 400w 4channel MTX road thunder amp, 2 10" kicker comps, 1000 legacey amp (3 photos)
Brad Wolven 2003 Dodge Ram HO 5.9 Diesel, Automatic transmission, Laramie w/, Putco side step pipes, Mud flaps back/front, MBRP Dual exhaust, high flow air filter (2 photos)
Kurt Walton Ram 3500 Dually SLT with 24v Cummins and an Auto box in England (2 photos)

Gallery 24 Index

Bobram 2001 OffRoad 1500 with 2" coil spacers, Edelbrock shocks, K&N, Magnaflow exhaust, Super Swamper's, Rams head tailight covers, AVS headlight covers, mud flaps, transmission cooler, tow package, Infinity sound system with Rockford Fosgate speakers. (5 photos)
Roy RumbleBee (1 photo)
William E. Riker Jr Bought on Ebay. Fabtech lift, 35in boggers. 3000watt audio bahn system. (2 photos)
Sarin Reddy 1999 Ram 1500 in Australia (2 photos)
Dennis Bradley 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona Quad 4X4 (1 photo)
Justin 1997 Ext. cab with 7" skyjacker suspension lift, 3" body lift, 36x14.5x16 Parnelli Jones Dirt Grip tires, 4.56 gears, powerdyne supercharged 360. (3 photos)

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