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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo image gallery - crash test

 Ram 2001 1500 Crash Test
Video captures from the Ram 1500 QC off-center crash test

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In 2001, NBC Dateline produced a video of the official pickup truck crash tests.
These are screen captures of the Ram 1500 QC off-center crash test.

Crash Sequence - View From the driver side

aproach  contact  airbag deploys  frame bends  look at the bottom of the passenge cab, the floor has buckled

maximum crush  rebound begins, note how top of cab has folded  rebounding, note cab failure  almost stopped  this cab faled

Crash Sequence - View from the passenger side

 aproach  contact  crush  rebound  stopped

The results of this test were distressing; the cab buckled and failed. I have seen this pattern in the junkyards.