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Commercially Based Tactical Truck
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The National Automotive Center (part of the US Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command) has unveiled the first two "demonstration vehicles" of their Commercially Based Tactical Truck program (COMBATT). These vehicles premiered at the 2000 SAE congress in Detroit. The NAC is testing the viability of beefing up commercial pickup trucks for general cargo and troop carrier use.

The first COMBATT demonstration vehicles are two maximum-performance, off-road pickup trucks. The vehicles used are a modified Ford F350 and a Dodge RAM 2500/3500. Enhancements to bring the trucks up to the new COMBATT standard are:

  • Firestone adjustable air-helper springs
  • Bilstein variable damping shock absorbers
  • extended suspension travel
  • Goodyear 37" 12.50R17 MT/R tires
  • Hutchenson run flat inserts
  • Dana Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
  • four-wheel ABS and yaw stability management system
  • Dana Hydra-Lok differentials
  • variable stiffness antiroll bars
  • adaptive cruise control
  • body and chassis protection
  • chassis torsional rigidity
  • A 12/24v electrical system
  • a black box recorder
  • Lockheed Martin Night Vision System with a flat-panel display
  • Eaton Vorad Collision Warning System
  • a complete suite of electronics for navigation/communication as well as for diagnostics
  • A computer/flat panel display to coordinate and control the systems
  • an electronically controlled high-horsepower diesel engine.


Tests are being conducted to determine payload, on- and off-road control, braking, ride, cooling, resiliency, grades up to 60-percent, and 40-percent side slopes. Further testing on the vehicles will take place at the Army's Aberdeen Proving Grounds. A decision on whether or not these vehicles will be produced is expected by the end of 2001.

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Last Update: August 10, 2000