austria Franz Huber's Ram on vacation
photo of 3 Rams in the water
Giving the trucks a bath
photo of Ram stopped on beach
On holiday in Italy
photo of several Rams
A trio of Rams at play in Italy
Photo of stuck Ram
Stuck for a moment
photo of Ram in snow
This truck looks good in snow!
photo of trailside jeep steering repair
Trail side steering repair
trail ride photo of water crossing
Water sports in Italy
photo of bent push rod
Opps! The engine can't breathe water.

For my Son and me, the Dodge Ram is the best Car in the World. Driving it each day makes me happy. I am sending you some pictures from my and my Son Stefan´s Ram from our holidays, which we spent each Year in Italy with our Friends and their Jeeps.

My Ram is a 2000 2500 235Hp Cummins with an automatic transmission and 2.5" Coil Lift on the front axle. Tires are 35x12.5x16.5 BFG AT´s or 35x14.5x16.5 Thornbird´s, which I don´t use often because it isn´t a Tire for Street use.

Fuel Economy with the automatic is typically between 12.5 and 14 Liters per 100KM in Summer, and 14 to 16 Liters in Winter; not as good as from my Son's manual truck.

Soon I will mount a 4" Exhaust from Turbo to Tail. When the truck passes about 200,000 Kilometers I plan to install an Automatic from Bill Kondolay. At this time the Truck has 90,000KM on the Odometer.
The only problem I had since I got the truck new, was a defective liftpump.
I am a daily user and go to work with the truck every day.

Franz Huber     dodgeram[a]      Salzburg, a small City in Austria


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14 Dec 2003