Big Al and the Bully of Truckville
composit image of Al's lifed Ramcharger

click for larger front photo

click for larger photo of interior

click for larger photo of Ramcharger side

Click for full size 88 Ramcharger photo

sarting them young

passenger side - click for larger photo of engine

driver side - click for larger photo of engine

The bottom of the rear hatch was removed and replaced with a regular working pick-up tailgate to look like the old style Rams. There were also quite a few minor upgrades to the steering and drive-line. Best of all with no garage door opener and a pair of vice-grips on the track it still fits in the garage.

I just bought a 16 ton pipe bender. Starting on the custom bumpers!


Al's 2003 Ram 1500 work truck.

"Few options, nothing fancy, but the best work truck I ever owned. I'm 6' 6" tall and this thing has great leg room. Not to mention the custom built cap carries all my tools in the sides and still leaves the bed empty for my furnace A/C and duct work."

side view click for larger photo of front

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