Stéphane Bertrand's 2500 in Paris
Paris Ram 2500 side photo Paris Ram 2500 side photo
Paris Ram 2500 rear photo Paris Ram 2500 front photo
Ram 2500 side photo in the snow

1996 Ram 2500, V8 5.9L EFI

  • equipped with L.P.G system
  • BF Goodrich Mud Terrain 255/85/16
  • hard-top
  • will put on it an exhaust system from Jeep Grand-Cherokee LX 5.9L, for a better sound.

In France, U.S. parts are difficult to find and expensive, the taxes are outrageous, and Gasoline costs $4.50 a gallon!!!!!!!

Stéphane Bertrand     Paris, France       stranber[a]

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30 Mar 2003