Scott's 2003 QC LB Ram (TurboDiesel)
Stevens Pass, WA 2003 QC diesel Ram photo

2003 Quad Cab LB Ram (TurboDiesel) 4X4 SLT Sport fully, fully, fully, fully loaded,
35" Mickey Thompsons ON 17"X9" RIMS, 2" leveling kit

Recently added: nerf bars, 4 air horns, tool box and got the rockers and bed rhino lined.
The rims are 17x10. You can't go any smaller because 16" rims rub the calipers. The 35"x12.5" tires
rub just a little on the inside fender by the door jam. I had to cut about 3 inches off but you can't tell at all.
I also had to cut the plastic fender piece up a good 4 inches.

Scott Zaffram      szaffram[a]        Sultan, WA

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19 Feb 2003