Danny Gilbert's High Altitude 1996  
The license plate says NOTSMALL

1996, 2500 5.9L, 4X4 with a swapped in 727 Torqueflite tranny. It currently has 18" of lift, 15" provided by Freak Suspensions in Elma NY, and 3" provided via body lift. It is equipped with true dual 2.5" exhaust, exiting through 3" tips. It rides on 44" boggers, and the Dana 60 axles are stuffed with 5.13 gears. The interior is pretty much left stock, except for the stereo system upgrades. The entire truck is custom painted, underneath and of course the body panels. It performs flawlessly, and drives excellent.

I can provide some insight for anyone wishing to get rid of their 518 factory OD tranny and swapping in a 727 TF unit. I blew my transmission countless times. I just got sick of it. I even blew my 727 once. Stripped the front planetary splines right out of the housing!!!! Now, it is pretty much bulletproof. (hopefully).

Freak Suspensions, is my own personal business that I have "on the side." We are in the business of anything "custom" our customer may need. Almost every lift I do is completely custom, and I design each one with handling concerns, ride quality, and physical movement in mind. We do "Altitude Adjustments, Because We Can!"

Jim Dean's Off Road Center handles a TON of accessories and they install "bolt in" lifts from Skyjacker, trailmaster, fabtech, etc.

Danny Gilbert    Akron NY   Danny@Extremeskiers.com

For Freak suspension lift information, contact Dan at:   Freak Suspensions
600 Schultz Rd.
Elma NY 14059


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29 Oct 2002