Art Maddox's 2001 Show Truck
This Dodge was built as a show truck for everyday use that would appeal to all different walks of life. I Think I hit a homerun for both Dodge & pickup truck enthusiasts with this truck. I have only entered one show (The NOPI Nationals) and I won 1st place. I plan on entering several more.
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Now for Art's extensive accessory list:

  • American Racing 20" Chrome Terons wrapped in Yokohama Tires
  • American Auto Design Cobra Style Hood
  • Street Scene Sport Mirrors & Speed Grills for Main & Bumper
  • Street & Performance Electronics Air Max Cold Air Intake w/ the Helix Power Tower
  • Gibson Split Rear Exhaust System
  • Jet Performance Chip (Stage 2)
  • Piaa Ultra White Headlights
  • APC Eurotails,Corner Lenses & Titanium Bulbs
  • TM Machine Ram Emblem
  • Aerosport Fiberglass Tonneau Cover
  • Reflex Spray-In Bedliner
  • Sir Michael's Steel Rollpan w/ Gibson S/S Rectangular Tips Peering Thru
  • AVS Quicksnap Ventvisors
  • An Array of Neon Lights by Street Glow Inside & Out
  • Panasonic 3D Dot Matrix Receiver
  • Autobaun Chrome Crossover
  • Cerwin Vega Front & Rear Door Speakers
  • 2 MTX Thunderform 10" Subwoofers Tucked Under Rear Seat
  • 1 10" 1000 Watt MTX Competion Subwoofer Made Into a Custom Center Console that Houses a 8" TV Along w/ a Playstation 2 DVD/Game System
  • Rockford 360 & 400 Amps Power The System
  • Sir Michael's TG Relocator
  • Nu Image Platinum Series Gauge Cover Along w/ Headlight & AC Control Covers

Art Maddox - Blackjack Truck Accessories    Macon, Ga.


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19 Oct 2002