Zak Kuczynski's 1984 Ram 4X4 - 1,374,678 mi.

An eighties Dodge truck fan since I was born, I had to have one.
At 16, my first was an '85 Ram 4X2, and Now I have a '84 4X4.

The 318 had to go (after a long, well deservied vacation!) so in went:
360 - bored .060 over ( had a gouge in cyl#6, had too! oh, darn! )
340 heads (for the 2.02 intake), Edelbrock performer package intake, 600 c.f.m. carb, timing,
MOPAR High Volt Ign., modest shift kit, 31" BFG's and a 2" body lift.

The 35's and 4" suspension lift are on the way.

I had a slight set back when a friend borrowed it, and rolled it! !!! It's straightend out now, but still set-back.... thanks!!!

 Zak Kuczynski         Canton, MI

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