front photo in the water
   Rick Kruck's Tall Ram   
Likes to Play in Mud Pits!

"Major work was done."
front closeup photo in the water Looking good! front 3/4 photo
Just add mud! Just add mud! front 3/4 photo
Hiding behind a car I don't think it will fit in the garage! I don't think it will fit in the garage!

Ramzilla started life as a 1995 V10 Ram, then it was fortified with:

  • 12 inches of lift and Interco Boggers, 39.5 x 18 x 16.5 on Eagle Alloy 16.5 x 12 rims.
    • A full sized spare is carried at all times.
  • Mopar Performance RT package with a chip, KN, cam and exhaust.
  • Dual shocks on all corners, with custom mounts in the rear.
  • The front Dana 60 axle has been completely worked over and now includes:
    • Dynatrac Stage 3 conversion with 35 spline shafts, and 1 Ton manual hubs
    • 4.56 gears with a Trac Loc
    • Dynatrac/Attitude Performance designed custom cross over steering
    • dual piston front calipers for some awesome stopping power
    • Tom Woods custom front drive shaft
  • The rear Dana 70 now has Moser Engineering 35 spline axles, a Detroit Locker, and 4.56 gears
  • Skyjacker springs, a shackle lift, and L&N ladder bars keep the rear axle in place.
  • Four KC`s light the way at night
  • A Smittybuilt brushguard protects the front
  • Side bars ease entry into the cab
Ramzilla stands over 8 ft feet at the roof, drives great, and gets to play off road games 2 or 3 times a month. This truck covered a mud drag pit, 180ft, in 2wd in 5 seconds flat. front 3/4 photo

Rick Kruk    Schererville, IN

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28 Apr 2003