Steve Gardner Having Fun With Friends

2000 1500 QC 4x4 Black Sport 5.9L, Rhinolining, True Dual Exhaust with Dynomax Turbo mufflers,
Lighted Hood Emblem, Logo valve stem caps, K&N, GTS blackouts, 5% limo tint, 3" Perf. Acc. Body lift,
5" Skyjacker Class II Single Flex lift, 16-35/15 Boggers on ARE 767 15x10's, Warn Shackle Hitch, Mopar Tow hooks

The gang is ready to rumble!  Bad in black and ready for trouble  Climbing the hill  group pose on the hill  King of the hill  Back on the ground  Steve's having fun, where's the mud pit?  It's time to get dirty  No problem  Buried Jeep  Recovering the stuck Jeep  Got mud?  Maybe stuck - I can't tell by the photo  Aftermath - the car wash is going to be a mess when Steve gets done  ramping forward  ramping backwards  clean again  big nose!  

I use my truck for it's intended purpose--4x4'ing.
The truck ramps 978 (impressive for a full size truck!), and I am working towards 1100.
My current project is rebuilding the front end with Heim joints everywhere for maximum articulation.

I do occasionally take it in the mud, but I mostly like to climb obstacles.

There are upgraded axles and lower gears in the future, as well as a custom 8" suspension lift
(unless Skyjacker comes out with the 7" lift soon!). If ya have any comments or suggestions,
pass them on to me, as I am always looking to improve my truck.

Steve Gardner 

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11 Nov 2001