John's Centrifugal Oil filter Modification
to his Diesel Ram
I work for a Caterpillar dealer here in Canada and have seen a lot of new diesel engines being equipped with these filters (in addition to regular spin on elements). I bought the smallest Spinner from our supplier and installed it on my truck. I tend to engineer things with the smallest amount of modification possible. Hence, the bracket that uses the 2 holes in the top of the alternator bracket, and 1 threaded hole in the forward section of the exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, I had to drop the oil pan to allow installation of the drain fitting (it has to be above the pan oil level).


The reward for this trouble is much cleaner engine oil for a much longer period of time. The Spinner removes particles down to 1/2 a micron. I cleaned the Spinner after 23,300 km (14,478 miles) of usage and was surprised at the amount of soot recovered.

John Pavlovic          Calgary, Alberta

 An explanation of how the spinner filter works from

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28 Dec 2001