Matt's Off Road Edition of the Ram 1500
Matt says that he and his wife Dian enjoy using their Ram to go surf fishing.

  2001 off road in drift wood with a "Jason hugger" bed lid.  I love everything about this truck.
My last ram was a 99 quad cab in drift wood but a 2x4. Saw this one sitting in show room and was love at first sight.

All photos are linked to larger (800x600) versions.

1999 Quad Cab Ram front 3/4 view  1999 Quad Cab Ram rear 3/4 view

The photos below were taken on the Ferry while crossing the opening
to Mobile Bay between Ft. Morgan and Dalphin Island.

Ram and Dian on the Mobile Bay ferry  Ram and Dian on the Mobile Bay ferry

Full sized ferry photos (1777x1205 @ 175Kb) for those with high speed internet connections:
ferry01.JPG        ferry02.JPG

Matt Pepe     Anniston, AL

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25 Sep 2001