Cummins Powered Hummer
Almost sounds like a title for an X-rated movie

1998 AMG Hummer, repowered with a 1999 24v 5.9L Cummins

The Cummins engine is a tight fit, but addresses the complaints
of a weak engine in an otherwise superior off-road vehicle.

crate engine

17" 2 piece wheels, 37"Goodyear ATS, T400 4l80e Automatic with a stronger output shaft

Engine modifications:
P7100 mechanical pump, 4" exhaust, Torque-pro propane charged, Mallory lift pump. Scheid Hi-flo injectors.

The Hummer's final drive ratio is steep, so a VP44 electronic injection pump would mean a rather slow highway pace. The P7100 pump can be run several hundred rpm higher with a set of governor springs, which lets the Hummer scoot right along with the traffic. The other advantage to the P7100 would be that for military use the mechanical pump would probably be more durable and reliable in adverse conditions.


I don't know where the original source of these photos is.
They have appeared in several forums and message boards,
and they are now on TDR thread HUMMER/CUMMINS pHOTO'S.

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September 20, 2001