Stan Prueitt's USA 6X6 Ram T-Rex project

USA 6X6 Monster Ram Truck

Rear Axle Details

Stan and his truck
Details of Rear Axles
Much of the suspension construction and welding was done by John Godwin of Godwin Fabrication.

Forward link bracket

Top Link attached to axle

Both links attached

Panhard rod attached to top of axle

Both Axles positioned under truck

Axles attached

Almost ready to roll

Ready for final
sheetmetal work
and paint!

rear end photoEven though the back axles are a tight fit there is still tons of axle travel 44" super swamper tires fit on there with out a problem. Rear departure angle is about 70 degrees and the front around 60.

A new beefy tranny with race clutches, stall converter, and shift kit replaced the original 47RH. The Roll bar was finished and then removed, the cargo rack was built and added on to the roll cage, and custom dirve shafts were installed. Body work and paint was on hold until the transmission installation was completed, but has now restarted.

The rollcage is 1/4" thich tube stock and it does not bend easily. Its primary purpose is to protect the passengers, but it should also protect the truck in a low speed roll over. A safari rack mounts on top of the cage for equipment storage. The completed truck is expected to weigh around 7200 lbs.

The sleeper cab goes all the way to the bed floor and is accessible through the front. The front seats will just fold forward so that the passengers can get into the back. Either a bench seat or three R&S bucket seats will be installed in the in the sleeper.

The Crew at Work

Assembling the rear axle
mounting components

Fabricating brackets
and links

John fabricating the fuel tank

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