Stan Prueitt's USA 6X6 Ram T-Rex project
Dec 2002 FourWheeler cover USA 6X6 T-Rex Ram Truck
A V10 6X6 T-Rex built
by Daniel Little and Stan Prueitt
Stan and his almost completed truck

 Woo Hoo - the USA 6X6 is on the trails!!
More photos at UrbanSurvivors.
See the T-Rex in the
2004 Top Truck Challenge!

T-Rex 6X6 photos  T-Rex 6X6 photos  T-Rex 6X6 photos  Ready for TTC!
Feb 2004  Here are some updated pictures of the T-Rex. It is now running 42 inch
Swampers, on beadlock rims, and has some added roll bars, skid plates and
new rear springs. One picture shows my wife with the T-Rex running 40 inch
Michelins and two others are of the T-Rex playing in a recent snow storm in
the Jemez mountains.( Swampers).  The photo on the right was taken just before the TTC.  

T-Rex 6X6 photos  T-Rex 6X6 photos  T-Rex 6X6 photos  T-Rex 6X6 photos

T-Rex 6X6 photos left front 3/4 photo  side photo  right front 3/4 photo

Yes this V10 in this truck can chirp the four rear drive wheels on pavement!!! Way cool!!!
Articulation is out of this world. It will be a great Top Truck Challenge Truck
(Stan competed in the 2004 TTC, see some of the photos on the Four Wheeler TTC pages).
Look for the USA at off-road rallys throughout the US. The official site
will have appearance details. So what's next? Look here: USA 10X10 Tow-Rex!

A while ago I received emails from Stan and Daniel who, after seeing the T-Rex concept Ram, were considering a construction project to build a 6X6 Ram. They promised to keep me updated with their progress. In May 2001, I began receiving project photos. Here they are!

The cost of this project is expected to be only $12,000. It will be sporting three axles, exterior roll cage, custom bumpers front and back, hyd. winch, and a whole lot more. The axles are 2.5 ton Rockwell military versions, which make the OEM Dana 60 and Dana 70 axles look down right puny.

Stan writes: "I plan to do alot of safaris with this truck. I want to go up to the artic and Alaska, and also do a lot of off roading around here locally at Farmingtom, Moab, Teluride, and maybe a trip out to Glamis. This truck has been a dream of mine ever since I saw the first T-Rex unveiled in 1997. As soon as DC scrapped the project I began designing my own. It is great to see a 2 year project finally come to fruition."

See the December 2002 issue of FourWheeler for an article about the T-Rex.

Photos of the construction process
Stock Ram with monster tires postioned beside the truck
Original 1997 truck

Front Axle photos

Rear Axle photos

Body Work photos
Left: The original 2500 Ram pickup with some 50" tires beside it to look at overall fit (for fun).
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29 Jul 2004