Stan Prueitt's USA 6X6 Ram T-Rex project

USA 6X6 Monster Ram Truck

Front Axle Assembly

Stan and his truck
May 2001: First set of photos - Front Axle installation
Much of the suspension construction and welding was done by John Godwin of Godwin Fabrication.
(click each image for a 640 x 480 version):
Stock Ram with monster tires postioned beside the truck
Truck with some 50"
tires beside it to look
at overall fit (for fun)
Stock Ram with monster tires postioned beside the truck
Another View with
50" tires.
OEM Front Axle - removed from truck
Dana 60 Front axle
2.5 Ton Rockwell axle
2.5 Ton Rockwell axle
going under the truck
2.5 Ton axle under the truck
Checking axle mount
locations and fit
2.5T axle in position
Springs attached to the
Rockwell axle
2.5T axle with link arms installed
Trailing Arms attached
Spring torew and link close-up
Spring mount close-up
Progress continues - photo set two: more front axle details
Front Axle with disc brake mounted on the differential auxiliary shaft.
You can see where the front spring moved to a lower position on the frame to lift the truck.
Bottom view showing the single transfer case and the V10 catalytic converter.

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