Stan Prueitt's USA 6X6 Ram T-Rex project

 Tow-Rex Ram Truck 
 So, after you build a 6X6 T-Rex, how do you tow it? 
Easy, build a 10 Wheel Ram tow vehicle!!

10x10 concept

Custom 1995 Club Cab with sleeper flat bed with a 12 valve Cummins.
Dana 60 front, Dana 80 middle axle and Dana 60 rear with air bag suspension.
The custom front bumper is the same used on the T-Rex.

Photo of Tow-Rex 10x10

Photo of Tow-Rex with T-Rex

With the USA 6X6 complete, Stan and Daniel have too much spare time and a yard full of military parts.
This led to some speculation and creative editing on the computer to produce the next project.

The most likely project is a 2003 double dually 10X10 or a slammed 10X10. Anyone for a Max Cab 10x10?

2003 10X10?  Slammed 10x10?  Maxcab concept

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29 Jul 2004