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Has this Dodge gone to the dogs?


    I drive past this truck several times a week, but usually I don't have the camera or I don't have time to stop. Finally, I had the camera, the time, and it was there. Milo's truck of many colors always reminds me of the OT story of Joseph and his robe! Dave F.

    Originally a 1978 Dodge 4X4 Power Wagon with an automatic transmission, full time 4X4, and a 318 engine, the truck was converted to a four speed manual and now has components from 78-93 trucks.

The Grill is original, not much else is... This old truck is still working hard!


I was too late to photograph the full load - a full bed with dirt piled up almost to the top of the cab.

Jerry & Milo     Christiansburg, VA


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