One contented dog in Wrangel AK
Dave Fritz's Ram Photos 1
From my 2000 trip to Alaska and Canada

Photos taken in Canada

A sea kyak rental outfit uses this Ram to transport their boats in Prince Rupert BCBC Government truckBC Hydro truck at Peace River DamTwo Rams on the boat ramp at Prince Rupert BC
A livestock hauler somewhere in SaskachewanRam owner with his Haida motiff on a bed cap in Prince Rupert BCWelding truck at a campgroundA 1500 at the AMH Ferry terminal in Prince Rupert, BC

Campers wandering in Alaska during the Summer of 2000
Truck campers are a dime-a-dozen when summer arrives in Alaska.

1st gen diesel camping near Ketchikan AK2nd Gen diesel camping near Ketchikan AKWell loaded 2nd gen diesel in a campground2nd gen diesel at a grocery store in Ketchikan AK

I found this PowerWagon in a side road outside of Haines, AK.
It was very well maintained and in excellent condition.

Power Wagon near Haines AK - side viewPower Wagon near Haines AK - closup of PTO winchPower Wagon near Haines AK - rear viewPower Wagon near Haines AK -  front view

USFS and AK State Park Ranger Trucks in the Ketchikan AK area

USFS Ram 2500USFS Ram 2500AK Ranger at Totem Bight SPAK Ranger at Totem Bight SP

USFS Trucks at the station in Craig AK

3500 Ram with a dump bedD350 Ram with a stake body

Working Trucks in SE Alaska

2500 in Juneau AK1500 in Juneau AKW250 on Prince of Wales IslandW250 on Prince of Wales Island
3500 flat bed in Ketchikan AK3500 flat bed in Ketchikan AK3500 with a dump bed in Ketchikan AKOne contented dog in Wrangel AK

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