Steve Gland's 1500 4X4  

side view

Front quarter view

I received these photos of a familiar looking truck and looked at the sender:
my next door neighbor.

A long haul trucker, Steve bought an older model Ram several years ago to get to and from the truck terminal. After improving the old Ram with a replacement engine and some running gear repairs, he was ready to move up to a more comfortable ride. Steve sold his old truck to another neighbor and bought this black 1996 model with over 100K miles on the clock. The new truck doesn't smoke, and seems to run well. It features a 5.2L V8, 5 speed manual, step boards, and mud flaps. Steve enjoys using the 4WD lever on the weekends.


One weekend, I popped out my back door and caught this shot of Steve and Mandy shining the diamond plate on the tailgate.

Steve Gland     Christiansburg, VA

Steve's Web Page

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