Stan Prueitt's Truck Collection

1975 Ramcharger, the "Baja Bee".

  • The 440 is enhanced with ram air, an Edelbrock carb and manifold, a Jacobs ignition, and dual exhausts.
  • The bottom end is well protected by skid plates
  • Cruising range is extended by a 40 gal. tank
  • Stan has an extra set of Dana axles just in case the trail bites back...

1965 Dodge Powerwagon "Mash" truck

  • 64K original miles on a 318.
  • 4.88 gears in the Dana 44 Front axle and Dana 60 Rear axle
  • Snorkel exhaust (visible running up the side)
  • Fragmentation armor in the walls.

First generation One Ton Dually 4X4

  • Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • Unique flatbed with a 3 door sleeper cab (3rd door is on the passenger side)
  • 33" tall 255/85R16 tires
  • custom bumpers and headache rack
Stan's wife drives this 1993 Ramcharger with a 5.2L V8
How about this clean 1968 440 Charger w/ 78k miles? There can't be many of these left!
Not a Dodge Ram, this 1985 Kaiser Duce-and-a-half 6x6 has a turbo diesel under the hood.

Stan Prueitt  Los Alamos, NM     sprueitt[a]

Stan is also building a T-Rex type Ram 6X6. Progress is posted in gallery 12

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11 Aug 2000