Brendan's Sport Ram
  I'll keep flying the Dodge flag in the UK!  
1998 Ram Club Cab Sport with a short bed. One large pickup in a nation of tiny roads!

Brendan's Ram has just about every option, including a full saddle leather interior, electric seats, alloy wheels, foglamps and even a toolbox! "Someone went mad on the order form!!"

"I am totally thrilled with the car as it is and I doubt it will see much in the way of modifications - bits are quite rare over here although we do have some good suppliers. The one question that everybody asks me here (apart from 'what is it?') is how much petrol does it use. Well, I can tell you that for my regular day to day use back and from work, I'm getting around 18mpg. I expect maybe a little better on a run. Maybe it helps that the car is a 2 wheel drive?"

Brendan McCarth     Cheshire, UK

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