Rick Dusch's Expedition Ram  

Truck Details:

  • 1993 W250 Diesel Automatic
  • Dual Optima batteries
  • Engine/transmission gauges
  • Lock Rite front and rear
  • HD front bumper and brush guard
  • HD rear bumper with racks for
    • fuel
    • spare tire
    • Hi-lift jack
  • Bucket seats with center console

Engine Modifications:

  • Banks Stinger Exhaust
  • Banks Intercooler
  • Banks 14 cm2 wastegated turbo
  • HP Injectors
  • "Tweaked" Injector pump

To keep an eye on how the truck is performing, Rick installed full engine and transmission instrumentation.

The 4Wheel Camper began as a Grandby Shell model with:

  • Convertable sofa bed reversed to the driver side
  • Fantastic Vent Fan
  • Porch Light
  • 36" wide door with deadbolt lock
Starting with an almost empty Grandby shell, Rick moved the sofa bed to the window side, added cabinets, replaced the sliding tie-down access doors with boat portholes, and installed towel racks. By custom building his own cabinets, Rick was able to use almost every square inch in the camper.
Cabinet photos are on page 3.


Page 2 More photos of Rick's camper truck

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04 Jun 2002