Dale Hemrick's Bright Red SS/T

Dale is the extremely proud owner of this 1997 SS/T.
Good taste must run in the family, his brother has a '97 2500 Cummins 4x4.

photo of Dales Red SS/T on the beach

Dale wrote:
    I have added brushed aluminum bed rails, larger 285 tires and extra power outlets in the storage area behind the seats for all of those gadgets that I seem to collect. I also added a security system which includes remote control for the electric windows. Good for lowering the windows on those hot NC summer days BEFORE I get in the truck and then closing up tight when I arm the alarm. It's got all of the normal goodies from the SLT package, plus 4 wheel ABS and bed liner.
     I drive this truck every day and use it for tooling around the Raleigh/Cary, NC area. I usually just haul ass in it, but being the tough Dodge truck that it is, it does it's fair share of work hauling too. Always gets attention, especially from other Ram owners.

Dale Hemrick        Cary, NC      dale.hemrick@tekelec.com

See more of Dale's truck at his web site: http://www.ipass.net/~dhemrick/

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