Tow This!
What some people do with their Rams

1994 2500 4wd diesel automatic 1994 2400 4WD automatic.
This plane and trailer weighs about 20,000 lbs.

 Posted to the turbodiesel list by Ken Tenpenny

"This is what my a friend of mine uses his diesel dodge for.
He hauls wrecked airplanes all over the country.
 I thought this might interest some of you diesel addicts."

Here is a pretty good load. This boat is 32 ft long and 10.5ft wide.
Total weight 26,400.

This red truck was bought new in Dec of 1993 . Its a 1994 2500 2wd with a standard transmission.. It was driven 300,000 miles hauling airplanes when the overdrive went out The truck was driven another 260,000 miles in fourth gear. When he traded it off and bought the blue truck above, it had 560,000 miles on it. And the thing about it the durn thing was still running fine.

18K lbs of boat, wet back wheels - the front brakes could not hold on the ramp.
The truck still ran and pulled out under its own power. Things are a bit damp though.

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