Ken's 1997 Ram 1500 4X4

all the goodies except leather
318 engine w/ K&N, Mopar Gen 2 FIPK, Flowmaster 3 chamber exhaust
Trailmaster 2" lift, Rancho 5000 shocks and steering stabilizer
285/75 16 Bridgestone dueller AT's

So, do those engine goodies help? One of Ken's DiRT postings:

Subject: [DiRT] Smoked a FERD ranger this morning
Date:     Sat, 22 Jul 2000
To:        DiRT

I just knew it , at about 7 am this morning, I was in my lane on a 2 lane road, minding my own business,on the way to the local Home depot when this guy in a dark blue Ranger 4x4 pulls up next to me in the next lane a looks UP at me and my Ram, and keeps edging forward and revving the little V6 like he wants to race. Light goes green and he nails it. I let him get a little jump on me, then I hit the hammer steady and the FIPK opened up. Last thing I saw was his front grill in my rearview mirror. (luckily there was no traffic OR cops around) I pull in to the HD parking lot and he pulls in and parks about three parking spots next to me. We both got out at the same time,and he just gives me a kind of pissed off look,so I just said,"don't try to play with a REAL truck". That was it.

Ken Miller,    Enfield CT.


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