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Sue's Wiring Modifications
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Backup Lights    Hour Meter
Backup Lights:
Source:     Ohio Light Truck Parts       $7  
Aux backup lights 55 watt Hella trapezoidal work lights were added to the rear for backing on dark rainy nights. They are attached to aluminum L-brackets that are hose-clamped to the hitch receiver.
A switch and pilot light for the backup lights was installed on the side of the steering column shroud. A sonolert is connected to the switch to notify the driver when the lights are on. The switch controls a relay (obtained from a junkyard) under the hood, and the circuit is fed from a fused 12V lead so that the lights may be used to hitch trailers without the engine running.
To get wires from inside the cab to under the hood, fish a stiff wire (rebar tie-wire works fine) through the hood release cable grommet in the firewall, then use the tie wire to pull a multi-conductor cable through the grommet.

Hour Meter:
Source: Northern Tool & Equipment -  $30   P/N 16398
Alternate source: Cabellas - $36.99 P/N CA-01-0899-007
An engine hour meter was installed in the side of floor console, where there is plenty of room for switches, meters, etc.
Power for the meter was spliced into the key "Run" position (F8 circuit - brown wire with a light green stripe) by carefully stripping the wire and soldering a tap onto the wire 3" before C-134 (the large terminal block to the left of the clutch pedal). The splice was taped and then cinched with a tie-wrap. This wire feeds the backup lights
For those without the SLT package, the unused power window connector has a key "on" circuit to feed the window motors. I used power from this connector for the hour meter on my 1994 ST.




Last Update: April 12, 2000