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 Sue Fritz's
2001 Six Speed Ram
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Ordered Jan 6, 2000
Built: Feb 1, 2000
Delivered: Feb 16, 2000

Thompson Chrysler Plymouth
Christiansburg VA.
Judy Hylton - Sales Rep.

2001 White 2500HD QC 4X4 6.5' bed
Sue's grocery getter, farm truck, and highway cruiser.
Impressions    Options    Modifications    Fuel Log

The Decision

   Last December, when Sue said she wanted a new Ram QC diesel to replace her car it was all I could do to contain myself and maintain a normal voice. I tried (but not too hard!) to talk her into something smaller, but she was adamant about getting a real truck. I also suggested that she look at the Ford PowerStroke because is was a much newer design than our 1985 F250, and much had changed in the truck market since we had bought my 1994 Ram. We made a tour of the Ford offerings, but Sue preferred the Cummins engine (brainwashed by TDR rallies!), and the Ram seats and driver controls.
    Over the course of the next several weeks, we test drove a variety of Rams so Sue could decide what she wanted on HER new truck. The final Dodge list included a 6-speed, HO diesel, QC short bed, numerous creature comforts, and HD suspension options (tow, camper, plow). The order was placed on Jan 6, the truck was built on Feb 1, and we received it Feb 16, 2000. The options on this truck were many, and the list is posted (with invoice and sticker cost).

The Delivery

Sue (left) and Judy Hylton (right) with the new Ram. Dodge threw in a free bedliner - we chose the under-the-rail liner. Before we arrived, Thompson Chrysler had sent a "team" from the service department to fill the fuel tank before we arrived. This was the first 2001 model and the first HO diesel in the entire area, and apparently everyone wanted a ride. When we finally arrived at the dealership, the crew was still hanging around and talking about how well it ran.
   When we selected the options, I hoped to have enough HD options to upgrade the front springs because Sue's list of mods was already long and included a better front bumper. I figured if we were lucky, the front springs would be the 039/046 combination. We got better than lucky with an 046/047 combination, the strongest spring set I have seen on a factory 2500 Ram. The carpet delete and HD options may have convinced the Chrysler computer that this is a work truck.

While I stayed out of the way, Judy gave Sue the new truck talk.

First Inpressions:
The product has improved considerably since we bought the 1994 Ram! More Comments

Fuel Mileage:
   Fuel economy for the first 4000 miles averaged 17.8, with a high of 19.8 and a low of 16.3 mpg. Most driving has been on local back-roads with few highway miles. Average speed for the first 4000 miles was 28.5 mph. View the complete fuel log.