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TDR Grille Badge
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How do you mount the TDR badge to the truck?

Badge frontBadge backThe TDR metal grille badge does not come with a mounting system and the painted aluminum plate has a smooth metal back. The installation kit includes stick on velcro fasteners, which are fine for attaching to bumpers or flat body panels but they do not work on the honeycomb grille. To attach Sue's grille badge, I used JB Weld to stick a stainless steel 1/4-20x1" bolt to the back of the badge, then stuck the bolt through the honeycomb grille and added a rubber washer, a couple of stainless washers, and a stainless steel locknut to retain the badge.

JB Weld is great stuff! Every truck should have this stuff in the toolbox. The two part epoxy takes 24 hours to cure, but it sticks to anything and it sets up hard!
badge ready for installation The plate with the bolt epoxied to the back, a 1/4" washer, a 5/16" washer, a locknut, and a homemade rubber washer. The rubber washer was sliced from a synthetic wine cork and the center hole was cut with a knife.
The bolt is stuck through the grille honeycomb, the rubber washer goes over the bolt against the grille, the 5/16" washer is added, then the 1/4" washer, then the locknut. The rubber washer keeps the badge from rotating due to vibration. The locknut should not vibrate loose.
Badge is mounted on the driver side in the top outside corner of the grille - Looking Good!





Last Update: September 19, 2001