Donald's Ram Has 4WD!
And he is not afraid to use it.
This one is me stuck!!   :-P    I went up this trial to turn around. But the ground gave way, and the truck lost. I was sitting on the ground from the front axle to just behind the drivers door, maybe further. To think this was with new 2-3 day old tires (265/75/16 Mud Kings MT's) and the truck was only two and a half weeks old to me. :-) I didn't even have 2500 miles on her yet. The result of this stuck leads me to believe a 3-5 inch lift, 33's or 35's would have enabled me to get further back there and become really stuck (according to the guys that pulled me out).

The Truck: 1999 Ram 4x4 Regular Cab, swb, SLT

  • 5.2L, auto
  • 3.55 Axles, LSD in rear
  • HD option
  • Tow Package
  • 265/75/16 Mud Kings MT's
  • Deep Amethyst with Natural pin strips
  • still stock in every other aspect.

Wish list: 3-5 inch lift, 33x?x15 or 16 MT's, K&N, chip (if out by then), cat back...



This picture is after I got pulled out. That is how far I got before the ground gave way. You can clearly see the spot were the front pumpkin came to rest. As well as the location of the skid plate. I did not notice how badly I was scraping the ground until I felt the tires fall into a void. I tried to back up, moved only a few inches, go forward took back those few inches plus a few more. Then tried reverse, that was it, the truck settled for the duration. Nothing I did helped. Tried putting some rocks under both ends to help traction. Putting the parking brake in three or four notches to get the LSD to engage both rear tires. Did this for an hour or so, gave up. (click photo to enlarge)
Walked back out, didn't realize it was that far back there. Called work, yep had to work latter that day. :-) A ford splash came out and tried to free me, but he only had street tires so he couldn't back up worth a darn to go end to end. Tried for a bit, but he didn't want to try turning around, except to get out of there. Then complains on the way out about all the tree and bushes hitting the side of his truck, must be same year as mine. But I like the new look of mine.

You can say I gave her beans to get out with a strap.   ;-P    

Ok, that toyota in the back ground is the one that pulled me out. I didn't even feel him trying to get me out. That is until the truck moved. The Samy got momentarily stuck going around and finding that pit. He's clean in this photo, but after this pic he gave her #ell and got her out.


This is the day after.

Donald Miller (MILrTIME)   d_miller[a]

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