Brush Fire Truck Number 8
Arvada FD - Arvada, Colorado

Truck Details:

1 Ton Dually 4X4
Cummins TurboDiesel
Automatic transmission
Siren and light bars
2 auxillary spotlights
Carries: 300 gallons of water 10 gallons of multipurpose foam (mixes with water)
Has a 200' booster reel
Medical jump kit & Oxygen
16 HP Waterous pump
Brush bar nozzles for driving & soaking
2 Survivair 4500psi carbon SCBA packs & 2 extra cylinders
5 "Indian" packs - 5 gallon manual stream packs
2 10' rigid hoses for drafting from creeks
Assorted tools (shovels, axes, etc)

Special option:
1 rubber snake for scaring the sh@t out of fellow firefighters
(hey, this IS rattlesnake country!)

From: Patrick Connolly    Patrick_Connolly[a]

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