Nick's 4X4 Ram

Ready to work or play in any terrain
and he is not afraid to get it dirty!

"PS. I am not stuck in any of these shots."


Truck Details:

  • 4 1/2 inch SkyJacker lift
  • Double shock assembly in the front
  • 1 ton upgrade for all springs
  • For the muck
    • 35x16.5x14.5 Thornbirds
    • Ultra (American Racing Clones) Wheels
  • For those highway miles
    • 35x16.5x12.5 BFG All-Terrain
    • same type of wheel
  • 3" Bushwackers Double Steering Stabiliers
  • Moog performance front end
  • Performance dual exhaust
  • Grizzly Roll Bar (Double, Single)
  • 7 KC daylights (5 forward, 2 backwards)
  • Warn transformer bush bar
    • winch cradle
    • and brush guards
    • Warn Xd900i winch (A godsend)
    • Two more KC daylighters
  • Custom fit Tonnue cover for bed
  • K&N Filter (I think everybody has one of these now-a-days)
  • Smittybuilt nerf bars
  • I could go on and on........


I use this truck for major offroad fun.

"Magilton" mvm9[at]psu_edu

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Mon, 10 May 1999