A Real Steele
Stan's Ram-Bunctions Diesel Powerhouse Hauls...
By Tom Berg
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Specifications Engine: Cummins B5.9 Horsepower (est): 400 Torque (est): 650 lb-ft Transmission: 5-speed Clutch: Long gone Etc. Etc.

This diesel burns oil, rubber, dirt roads, and any Ford or Chevy driver who dares to challenge one of the strongest- running smokers in the country. More than a few gasoline V-8s couldn't hold a candle to Stan's turbo-torque machine. Now, if he could just find a clutch that could take the torque....

Ported Exhaust manifold and turbocharger

More photos of clutches, ported manifolds, and turbochargers.

  Exh Manifold    Turbo    Clutch    Clutch and Flywheel    Exh Manifold

Exh Man Closeup    Exh Man & Turbo Closeup    Turbo Housing  

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