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Welcome to Mike Demski's "Lifted Ram Page!"
Dedicated to those interested in a suspension lift or body lift kit for their Dodge Ram truck: The purpose of this page is to provide central information and illustrations of various "lifted Ram" configurations. You will find information and pictures of lifted and heavily modified 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton Dodge Ram trucks.
Note:  I resurrected these pages in their original form as a tribute to Mike, who died in 2004.   I had archived the information in early 2000 when Mike felt that it was becoming dated.  Sometime during or after my 2000 Alaska trip, these pages disappeared.   Mike's Lifted Ram Page was originally created in the early days after the introduction of the new 1994 Dodge Ram when lift kits were very rare and crude by today's standards.   Mike and the people on this page were among the first to modify their Rams and post the results on the web.  Consider them to be the pioneers who contributed much to the Ram community in the early days, and paved the way for the off-the-shelf lift kits you can easily purchase now.   Mike, we miss you!   Dave

1/2 Ton Dodge Ram

Chris's Ram is a 1995 1500 4x4 with the heavy duty service group package and the trailer tow package, a 2" Trailmaster suspension lift kit (which uses front coil spacers and rear add-a-leafs) with Trailmaster shocks and triple Trailmaster steering stabilizers, a 3" body lift, Xenon fender flares, Ram chrome nerf bars, and 35x14.50x15" Super Swamper Thornbirds on 15x10" Eaton heavy duty chrome wheels. He also installed a custom no muffler dual 3" exhaust after the cat and the Borgeson steering shaft. Photo 1   Photo 2

Mike Demski uses a Warn Black Diamond 3" suspension lift kit on his '96 1500 4x4 CC SB 5.9L to fit a set of 35x12.50x15" BFG Mud Terrains on 15x8" Mickey Thompson wheels. This 3" lift kit uses front coil spring spacers and rear add-a-leafs retaining the stock rear lift blocks. Mike is running Rancho RS9000 shocks and a Black Diamond steering stabilizer. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   HomePage

Jay Eberhard has a sharp 1994 Ram Laramie SLT 1500 4x4, regular cab short bed with a 3" Warn Black Diamond suspension lift (which uses front coil spring spacers & rear add-a-leaf's), Black Diamond XT shocks all around, a BD steering stabilizer, all riding on 285/75/16 BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A's tires on factory chrome rims. It's powered by a 360 v8 with a K&N FIPK and Gibson 3" cat back to help it breath better. Some external accessories include Mopar grill guard, Mopar bed rails, Mopar molded running boards, Pace Edwards Roll Top Tonneau cover and dual cb antennas. Inside, he has power everything along with a custom Pioneer stereo system. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   HomePage

Jeff Gary says: "This is my 1991 Dodge Ram pickup. It has four wheel drive and a 4 inch lift. All of this is powered by the tried and true 5.2L 318 Dodge V8 engine running through an automatic transmission, and a Dana rear end. The engine breathes through a K&N filtercharger and is fired by 8 Bosch Platinum spark plugs. All of this is riding on top of four 31X10.5 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A radial tires. Above the cab rests a Lund Moon Visor to block the sun and add the cool looking marker lights. This summer I also added a roll bar with four lights and a 5 ft. CB antenna for my Cobra 19 Ultra CB radio. For added flair, I also have a Jack on a tractor from Jack in the Box hanging from my rear view mirror. Since I live in a somewhat bad neighborhood, I also have an Avital car alarm installed which I won at a CMMA car stereo competition in Lubbock a few years back." Photo   HomePage

Keoni van't Groenewoutike talks about his 1997 Ram Club-Cab with a 3" Rancho stage two suspension kit with Rancho 9000's, dual adjust in cab remote, 33x12.5 Thornbirds, 15x10 Centerline Hellcats, Smittybuilt sure-step side bars, Gibson exhaust, Mopar performance engine computer, and  Bushwacker fender flares (next day off project). "The last mod was only for looks and to give it a look all it's own for a RAM 4x4. I applied the SS\T dual racing stripes. I had to have the stripes made since Mopar only makes the stripes for single cabs." Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4  Photo 5

Jarrod Pilone added a 5" Superlift suspension lift kit to a '96 Ram 5.9L 1500 4x4. This truck sports a set of 35x12.50x15" BFG Mud Terrains on 15x10" Chrome Star wheels. His 5" Superlift kit uses replacement front coil springs and rear add-a-leafs retaining the stock rear lift blocks. Jarrod also installed a Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizer. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3  Photo 4   HomePage

Ron Wilson has a 3" Rancho Sport suspension lift kit on his '97 1500 4X4 CC SB 5.9 Sport with all the trimmings. This truck sports a set of 35x12.50x15" BFG Mud Terrains on 15x8" Mickey Thompson wheels. His 3" Rancho Sport lift kit uses front coil spring spacers and rear add-a-leafs retaining the stock rear lift blocks. Ron is running Rancho RS9000 shocks with in cab adjust. Photo 1   Photo 2    Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   HomePage

3/4 Ton Dodge Ram

Jay Barden drives a superb '94 Ram 5.2L 2500 4x4 with a 2" Pro Comp suspension lift and a homemade 3" body lift kit. He is running a set of 35x14.50x16.5" Thornbirds. His 2" Pro Comp suspension lift kit has a 2" front coil spring spacer. He added 4.56 gears at both ends with a Tru-Trac limited slip differential up front and a Trac Loc LSD in the rear. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4

Stephen D Belt owns a fine example of a '95 Ram V-10 2500 4x4 with a 2" Rancho Performance suspension lift. He put a set of 35x12.50x16.5" BFG Mud Terrains on 16.5x9.75" American Eagle wheels. His 2" Rancho Performance uses a 2" front coil spring spacer. This truck has a front dual shock setup (Rancho RS9000 & RS5000 together) and uses single RS9000's in the rear. Steve is also using a Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizer. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   HomePage

Steve Graham shows a very nice '92 Ram W250 Cummins Turbo Diesel 4x4 with a 2" front suspension lift by Skyjacker. The rear spring set is a 2" lift from National Spring with 14" of travel. He runs a set of 35x12.50x16.5" BFG All Terrains on 16.5x8.25" white spoke wagon wheels. Interior   Exterior   Write Up

Doug Marple owns a very sharp '95 Ram 360 2500HD (5-spd manual w/4.10's) 4x4 with a 2" Skyjacker (Stage II - dual front shocks) suspension lift. The truck has 35x12.50x16.5" BFG Mud Terrains on 16.5x8.25" American Racing Outlaw II wheels. It also has an optional onboard 4x4 mud/water sensing lab...<grin - see pics>...The list of things to do this summer includes: installing replacement Skyjacker rear spring (the truck currently still has stock rear spring setup), speedometer gear, Mopar tow hooks, and Mopar driving lights. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4

Dave Norris has a superb '97 Ram 2500 CC Turbo Cummins Diesel (automatic) sporting a 4.5" Skyjacker suspension lift which clears a set of 36x14.5x16.5" TSL Radial Super Swampers mounted on 16.5x9.75 American Eagle wheels. His lift kit utilizes replacement front coil springs and replacement rear leaf springs which retain the stock rear lift block. He is running six (6) Nitro shocks (dual front) and a Nitro steering stabilizer. He changed gearing from 3.54 to precision gears 4.10 (also changed the speedo gear by one tooth to correct speedometer) and put a detroit locker in the rear dana 70 and an ARB locker up front for the dana 60. Dave also has added a 2 speed Milemarker winch in a Warn carrier, a bug deflector, an "all in mic" Cobra cb radio, a Rhino liner, and Smittybuilt nerf bars. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7

Conrad Paulson drives a very sharp '96 Ram 2500HD 4x4, SLT, CC, 5 Speed, with Tow, Camper, Travel, HD, etc. Factory Packages. His rig sports a 4.5" Skyjacker Lift (Stage I), Extra Leaf plus an add-a-leaf plus 2500lbs, Helwig overloaders to raise the rear 4" (vs 4.75" in the front). Smitty nerf's, Brown MFG schedule 40 grill guard with receiver; Progressive 16.5x9.75" Wheels, BFG AT 33's; Tinted Windows, etc. etc.. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Write Up

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