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Major Components

Warn Black Diamond 3" Suspension Lift
and Custom Rear Spring Work:

Drop Pitman Arm: The supplied drop pitman arm maintained proper steering geometry after the 3" front suspension lift was applied. Photo

Anti-Sway Bar Relocation: Anti-Sway Bar relocation brackets were provided to maintain the proper anti-sway bar function and position. Photo 1   Photo 2

Track Bar Relocation: A track bar relocation bracket was included in the lift kit. This bracket ,which mounts at the axle, relocates the track bar approximately one and half inches inboard to keep the front axle assembly centered after the suspension lift is applied. Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Front Coil Spring Spacer: A 3" front coil spring spacer is used to lift the front end. This setup allowed me to retain my heavy duty (#023 - 1621-lb capacity) front coil springs (stock coil springs were originally #020 1147-lb capacity). Photo 1   Photo 2

Front Bumpstops: The stock front bumpstops are removed and replaced by new bumpstops, which extend lower via a bracket. Photo

Upper and Lower Suspension Arms: The Black Diamond kit replaced the upper and lower stock suspension arms with stronger, boxed construction suspension arms. Zerk fittings are provided to enable one to grease/lubricate each suspension arm bushing. Photo

Custom Rear Spring Work from ARC Spring: Note: Most 3" suspension lift kits for the late model Ram are designed to level the truck (i.e. raise the front end of the truck further than the rear, creating a level stance). The Black Diamond suspension lift kit is designed to "level" the stance of the truck as well. The rear add-a-leaf included in the Black Diamond lift kit raised the rear of our '96 1500 4x4 Club Cab Short Box about an inch and a half, while the front coil spring spacers raised the front end of the truck three inches. I wanted to retain the stock stance of our Ram (i.e. rear end higher than front end - not level), so I went to our local custom spring shop (ARC Spring, Farmington, MI) for help. ARC Spring was able to re-arch the rear leaf springs and add two more rear leafs (omitting the Black Diamond add-a-leaf completely). This lifted the rear end of the truck enough to retain the original "stock stance." Furthermore, the load leveling capacity has been increased considerably and the ride quality has actually improved over the original "very stiff" single rear add-a-leaf configuration. Photo 1   Photo 2

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