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DiRT History

With the introduction of the newly redesigned1994 Ram, many people were interested in comparing notes with other owners but there was no place dedicated to 94+ Ram enthusiasts. What is now  DiRT was a small mailing list started in February 1996 by Chris Hedemark, a new V10 Ram owner. After many problems with his Ram, Chris traded it for a Mustang and the list passed to John Donovan, who maintained it as the Ram Truck Mail List (RTML) until he killed it on May 25, 1998 during a Memorial Day flame war. A few days later Andi Vogt resurrected the list as DiRT, the name it continues to use today. In January 2002, the outdoorwire server crashed and the list was moved to a new home.

One of the FAQ's is: what does DiRT stand for?

Originally, Andi was going to start a new list for off road Ram discussion, but it became a replacement for RTML. The letters sort of stand for Dodge Ram Trucks. Other suggestions include:

  • Dodge invented Real Trucks
  • Dodge is Ram Tough
  • Doin' it (in) Ram Trucks
  • Dodge Intercooled Ram Truck
  • Dodge internet Ram Trucks

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Rules for Posting to Dirt

Originally there were no posting rules, but a protracted flame war over tailgating and guns prompted a few simple rules.  The new rules stirred another debate about the need for rules vs free speech.

When the dust settled, Henry LaViers posted a poem
Date:  Thu, 15 Oct 1998 15:07:31 -0400
Subject:     Dirt: Rhyme dem rules, Andi 

There was a sweet Miss named Andi 
Whose mild rule administering seems dandy. 

There's bound to be complaints, 
'cause Dirt listers ain't saints, 
But isn't gettin all this Ram info handy? 

So let's cut the comely Lass vast slack 
She doesn't deserve even one grumpy hack. 

Let's concentrate more on our Rams 
Stay away from far-out spams 
And give Chevys and Fords our profanity. 

To obtain rules and posting information:

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Dirt Digest Archives are under construction.
I have all of the Dirt digests since October 5, 1999, and some digests from before then.

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