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The Cummins List was deactivated in 2001. The information below was archived.

This is an unofficial page about the Cummins mailing list, and this page is not affiliated with Cummins Engine Company in any way.  Some of the information displayed on this page has been blatantly plagiarized from the Cummins mailing list welcome message.  Any comments about this page should be directed to Dave Fritz.


  1. What is the cummins list?
  2. Who's in charge?
  3. What are allowable topics?
  4. How do I join/leave?
  5. Is there an archive?
  6. What is the history of the list?

1.  What is the cummins list?

General answer:

 The Cummins list consists of 350 odd (at last count) people who mostly own diesel engines. List members have a variety of  large over the road trucks, truck fleets,  tractors, diesel cars, and all makes of pickups.  Postings average  around 10 messages per day, typically with several days of inactivity followed by a flurry of postings. The noise level on the cummins list is low and discussions are frequently technical in nature.  There is some diesel cross posting between the Cummins, Turbodiesel,  and DiRT lists.
Technical answer:

2.  Who's in charge?

This list is the personal expression of Dan Hepner, and in no way reflects the opinion or technical abilities of his employer, The Hewlett Packard Company.  This list is published without the permission of the Cummins Engine Company, although it maintains a mutually supportive relationship with Cummins and values their input.

3.  What are allowable topics?

Topics suitable for discussion include:

  1. Diesel engines in general
  2. Fuel additives.
  3. Diesel injection pump modifications and good pump shops.
  4. Diesel engine design questions.
  5. Difference in GM/Ford/Dodge/Mercedes diesel products.
  6. Differences and similarities between pickup size and large diesel engines.
  7. Increasing longevity and/or performance of diesel powered trucks.
  8. Oil questions.
  9. Owner/dealership horror stories.
  10. Truck modifications.
  11. 4-Wheeling' using diesel power.
  12. Automatic vs manual.
  13. Cummins, Navistar, etc: manufacturers of diesel engines.
  14. The price paid for any new diesel powered vehicle.
For general Dodge Ram truck questions, please refer to the DiRT mailing list.

It is believed that list members generally prefer to have a "low-volume, high signal" list focused on diesel engine and pickup information rather than wide ranging discussions involving, for example, political opinion.

This is NOT a list suited to opinions of general superiority regarding diesel manufacturers; technical discussion regarding diesels of all makes is welcome.  It's also not a list for expression of political opinion, regardless of position.  Above all, behavior which represents an embarrassment to the Hewlett Packard Company, the Cummins Engine Company, or the list in general will be forcefully stopped immediately.
You might think that it's been a problem.  Mostly, it hasn't.  The list gets along pretty well, and no action has ever come close to triggering that "embarrassing" statement above. 


4.  How do I join/leave?

The Cummins list was deactivated in early 2001 and it no longer exists.


5.  Is there an archive?

Officially, no.

Tim Butterfield started an archive in April 1998 and passed it to me in early February, 1999.  I will continue to maintain an unofficial archive here.

Archives - These are untrimmed text files compressed in ZIP files to save space and reduce download times.
2000 Archive
Month Download 
ZIP bytes
text bytes
April 11k 33k

1999 Archive
1998 Archive
Month Download 
ZIP bytes
text bytes
December 29k 102k
November 24k 74k
October 37k 124k
September 66k 238k
August 57k 195k
Month Download 
ZIP bytes
text bytes
December 19k 72k
November 46k 173k
October 102k 400k
September 231k 583k
August 110k 416k
July 136k 459k
June 105k 374k
May 87k 270k
April 63k 219k

April is incomplete because Tim joined on the 16th of that month and began archiving from that point in time.

I have received an archive dating back to the late 1992, which I will try to add here as time and space permit.  Thanks Patrick and Tim.

Some messages have been posted in HTML format instead of plain text. As a result, the HTML tags are included in the message.

Note:  In an attempt to keep the list from getting spammed, all references to the actual cummins mailing list address have been replaced with the text [Cummins Mailing List Address].



6. What is the history of the list?

Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 14:49:53 -0800
From:   Dan Hepner
To: cummins

In August 1992, I bought a Dodge Cummins (W250). Discussion of this on an HP internal discussion forum brought a call from Evan (Linick), some discussion over beers, and prompted the creation of the list in Oct 1992. History records that the longest surviving member other than Evan and I is Jim Chott, (listed as "former 1989 F250 Navistar owner"), then Patrick Young (who hotrods a Toyota 2.8l diesel in Australia), then a college kid from Indiana with a 82 Volvo Diesel (jberman) (Josh, you'll have to update us regarding what's become of that Volvo), then Walt K. (Koziarz, but no one knows how to say or spell that).  The rest of the "old-time 10": Pete Fazio, John Cooley, Ted Mogel, Larry Johns, and Alan Hepburn).

The first member was actually Tony Konashenak, with his 1985 Ford Tempo Diesel. Skepticism was expressed that such a vehicle even existed, but in Sept 1994, this was cleared up by an offer by Tony to sell the car, "make me an offer", including $1200 worth of parking tickets, FOB Berkeley Ca. With no further report, Tony departed the list.

For a while I tried to keep track of everyone's rig and name, although there has never been a requirement to provide personal information. Lately, about 1% of requests come "with name and story", and about 90% come without anything at all, so I've dropped off on requesting further information as a matter of course, but if a member does volunteer name/rig information to cummins-request, I remain pleased to add it to the data, like this:

(Dan Hepner, 1992 Dodge W250 Cummins, 83 300SD,  ex 1982 Nissan Diesel)

Dan Hepner





Last update November 5, 2004