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 Two Way Radio/Antenna Mounting,
& Radio Wiring
  In Dodge Ram Pickups
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Other 2 way radio installation information

Brolin Radio Brackets. The Left bracket is for the 94-2001 autos and 94-97 sticks. The right bracket is for the 98-2001 sticks w/tunnel cover.
Dave Fritz (KI4CY) mounted a plywood backer to the center seat for radio attachment.   Photos and details
Ken Renard's radio mounting bracket that bolts to the bottom of the center seat.  Photos and plans.
Another Ham with a Ram web page - radio and antenna mounting pictures on WB4HUC's  page
Brian Downing has a 1995 dually with a Motorola UHF two way business band radio and a Cobra CB mounted on the dash kick panel.
Mak's CB radio and antenna installation in a 1998 QC Ram   
An in-dash radio mount from From Josh ( KB7NUV
I had considered mounting my HR2510 in front of the center seat, but my kid who sits in the center seat would be constantly messing with it etc, etc. So i came up with this idea..... I put my radio on the right side of the steering column there is a metal bracket back there that is perfect to mount the radio to, and it is "less likely" to be stolen.    [Larger view]
Josh cut the knee bolster to fit the radio. This would work with any small to medium size radio.
Larry Herber's 2000 6 speed with mounts for a CB radio, a laptop, GPS system, trailer brake controller, gauges, speakers, etc. Read more details on this TDR forum thread.
Aron Howlett's 1999 5sp with gear mounted to the space formerly occupied by the lower dash panel.

KA6WKE's 2003 Dodge Quad Cab Turbo Diesel with a transmission hump insert for radio equipment. Large image of interior (1200x1600), exterior (1200x1600), ant mount closeup (1200x1600).

For those who hate drilling holes, there is always tape.

Subject:     Re: DiRT: 2-Way Radio Mount
Date:         Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:49:38 -0700
From:        Gary Newlin <>
To:            DiRT

After a friend gave me a dashmat for Xmas, I hit upon the solution.  Instead of hanging the radios under the dash, I placed them directly in front of me and found that both of them were low enough profile-wise that they didn't block my vision.  And having them up where they are in my line of vision wakes for a much safer install.

Now you ask, did I really drill holes in the top of my dash?  Nope.  3M Permanent Adhesive Trim Tape to the rescue!!!  I used the original brackets and even used multiple layers under the bracket next to the A pillar to get every thing level.  I then made slits in the dashmat so the bracket "ears" poked out, and viola', radios mounted with no holes, at least in the dash.  Use isopropyl alcohol to prep the surface first (gets all the armourall and goop off so the tape will stick).

The roof didn't fair as well.  Simply put, I was unwilling to compromise with glass mount antennas. Yes, I have tried them, and for cellular they're fine, for UHF they're "OK", but for VHF the suck big time.  There are now four Motorola NMO generic mounts in a line across the roof.  These mounts are the industry standard, and have been for years.  There isn't a radio made that a quality antenna can't be found for.  There are also low-profile covers for them so they can be temporarily abandoned in place.

Gary C.Newlin -- N6MZX        

Ideas from the TDR Forum:

RAMalama (1995 5 speed) - I mounted my Midland Weather Band CB to the left of the SRS box. The whole bottom of the dash has a metal base that makes for a great mounting platform. My microphone mount is screwed to the ash tray for easy reaching. If I were to remove the CB and replace the ash tray you'd never know there was a CB was in the cab. To the left of the CB is my brake controller. This allowed me to avoid drilling holes in the visable area of the lower dash plastic...

Shane Oler (2001 6speed) - I mounted mine in the dash. I have a 6-speed. The autos have the fold-down drink holder, the manuals have a little pocket there. I removed the pocket and made two brackets out of 1/8" X 1 1/2" steel. All I did was heat them up and bend them to the desired shape, and bolted them to the metal dash supports that run horizontally behind all the plastic dash parts.

EMDDIESEL - I have a Motorola Spectra Locomotive cab radio mounted in my truck. The radio is about 6" high, 14" wide and 18" deep. I made a metal bracket and i have it mounted to the floor with the display level with the top of the center seat.

Power sources under the dashboard

A convenient power source for low power ( up to 50 W ) equipment is the door lock / power window connector on the drivers side under the dash. This connector has a fused circuit for the power door locks that is always hot and another fused circuit for the power windows that is hot when the key is in the run position. I don't have the power door stuff so I cut the wires loose and spliced on for my own use.  I also tapped into the cigar lighter circuit for a RUN/ACC relay feed.

My Main power and ground leads are number 8 copper wire that go directly (through fuses) to the battery terminals.

Dealing with RFI

Suggested TSB reading:
TSB 08-22-95  Installation of Radio Transmitting Equipment
TSB 08-30-96  amateur and CB radio interference
TSB 08-21-98  radio interference to/from two-way radio receivers - install RFI filter to fuel pump module
TSB 08-32-99  RFI from Airbag Control Module 98-99 Ram



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