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KI4CY's Radio Mounting  In Dodge Ram Pickups
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    As a ham operator, I needed a system that allowed me to mount multiple radios, speakers, and antennas in my 1994 Ram. My seat mounted bracket provides a simple mount for a constantly changing mix of CB, HF, 6M, 2M, 440, and scanners.
     I attach my radios to a vertically mounted piece of plywood that sits in front of the center seat and is supported by two L brackets which are bolted to the inner seat supports.
     The L brackets measure 1" (short flange) by 4" (long flange) by 3" wide. The 4" flange of the L bracket is attached to the seat support with two 1/4-20 bolts. A piece of laminate-covered 1/2" BC plywood is bolted to the 1" flange of the L bracket.

The plywood base was cut from a 9" by 21.5" piece and was notched 1" on the bottom to clear the transmission hump and 3" on the top corners to allow the front seats to slide forward.

The radio brackets attach to the plywood with sheet metal screws, making it easy to change, add, or remove radios and speakers. With the manual transmission I have enough room for three radios (CB, 2M, scanner) between the shift lever and seat, and two radios (10M, 440) between the transfer case lever and seat. The automatic transmission would have even more radio space. A terminal strip mounted under the center seat on the back of the plywood is used for power distribution.

Unfortunately, this does make the center seat rather uncomfortable.

Passenger's Side View of Radio Mount

Mount with seat removed

   Top View of 10M, 2M, and CB installed on the board



Last Update September 24, 2008