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 Antenna Mounting & Wiring
  For Dodge Ram Pickups
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I bent pieces of 12 gauge stainless steel (early versions were aluminum) that bolt under the two top rear fender bolts on each side under the hood. The brackets are 2" wide, offset down 3/16", and extend out 2" to clear the hood.  This gives me 4 mounting points for antennas. Then I just drill whatever size mounting hole in the bracket I need for a particular antenna. I put a piece of teflon sheet on the bottom of the bracket to protect the truck paint.

l       _______   _____                                  r
l               |      \______   _______    3/16" offset r
l               |              \                         r
l     antenna mounting hole     Fender bolt slot         r
l                                                        r
l        _______________________________       __        r
l      /              | |               |       |        r
l     /               | |               |       |        r
l     |               | |               |       |        r
l     |       ( )     | |      (  )     |       2"       r
l     |               | |               |       |        r
l     \               | |               |       |        r
l      \______________|_|_______________|      _|        r
l     |<-------2"------><----1 7/8"----->                r
l                                                        r

The diagram is pretty crude but you should get the idea.
[ Radio Shack sells similar brackets. ]

NOTE: I am trying to compress the images as much as possible to keep the file size small.

Those with tow mirrors can attach antenna mounts to the mirror bracket
GeoTool's stake pocket Antenna Mount is available in many configurations for larg or small antennas.
Firestick's stake pocket antenna mount

Note: Some have reported that the stake pocket antenna mounts cause the antennas lean outward because the top of the bed is not parallel to the ground.

Subject:       Re: [RAM] Hams in Rams
Date:           Tue, 14 Apr 1998 22:02:15 -0400
From:          Ron Ryan <>
To:              RTML

Firestik Antenna Company has a new mount (photo) designed specifically for a RAM. It mounts on the side rear bolt, just under the edge of the hood in front of the door.  I installed one this weekend along with a Firestick II 3' and it was easy as cake. Removed the bolt, plopped on the bracket, tightened bolt, ran the cable through the firewall to my overhead radio on my Shelf-It. They also make a bed stake hole mount that lies flat, sticking out to the side a few inches which would allow you to still used a cap or a hard tonneau cover if you wanted your antenna(s) behind your doors. Either of these two mounts could be used on the opposite side if you wanted a twin antenna configuration. -- Ron


There is an easy place to route antenna cables on each side of the 94(+?) Ram. Above the lower door hinge and sort of behind the flexible plastic wire conduit to the door is a rubber plug through which antenna cables and other wires can be run  without drilling a hole.  To get access to the back of the plug inside the cab, remove the plastic kick plate under the dashboard. A piece of tubing or an empty .22 caliber shell will cut a RG58 size hole for coax, shielded cable, zip cord, or whatever. The cable is routed from the engine compartment, behind the plastic fender shield, into the door hinge area, through the rubber plug, and up into the dash area.  I have two coax cables and a 5 conductor relay control cable running through the plug on each side of my truck. A dab of RTV keeps water from following the cable inside.  I have also pushed two cables through the factory rubber wiring boot on the firewall.

Click Left image for larger version (39 Kb)

Subject:       Re: [RAM] Question for HAMS
Date:           Tue, 3 Feb 1998 18:13:23 -0600 (CST)
From:          Jeff <>
To:              RTML

I just put my mobile rig in my truck.  There is a small punch out on the floor board under the back seat on the driver side.  Get under the truck and you should be able to find it and poke a hole up through the carpet with it.  It is big enough to fit a PL-259 through.

|Jeff Walsh - KC5IBY - BOFH.............................................|
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Subject:       Re: [RAM] Question for HAMS
Date:           Wed, 04 Feb 1998 20:13:31 -0600
From:          John & Carol Oxford <>
To:              RTML

> I saw that someone said they routed the cable through the rear slider
> window.  How do you do that?  Would you drill a hole for the coax in the
> slider or is there a better way.  I don't want to have to leave the window
> cracked when it is mounted.  My other option is to just route the coax out
> the passenger door but didn't want coax running half way across the roof.

I have a 95 club cab and I run the coax out of the cab on the driver's side.  I removed the cup holder and some insulation at the bottom where the side of the cab meets the back of the cab.  There is a small hole for water drainage I guess, and I ran the coax out this hole and up  the drain hole in the front of the bed.  I then mounted a "L" bracket in the bed at the stake pocket.  This has worked great for 3 years now and I get a good radiation pattern with low SWR.  Note that this is not a mag mount but you can always run the coax and just leave it there and plug in the mag mount when needed.


Subject:  Re: [TD] CB Antenna on 1996 Ram 2500
Date:      Tue, 20 Jul 1999 09:53:58 -0700
To:         TurboDiesel

TurboDiesel mailing list -

On my 95 2500, I just drilled the holes for coax to mag mounts in the plastic lens for the light on the back of the cab, above the window. It can be replaced easily. Same thing for antennas on "headache rack".




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