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Engine Hour Meter Installation
If you have a manual transmission, what can you do with the useless little storage space?

The lower switches are for the backup lights and a marker light blink.

A good source for engine "RUN" is the power window circuit. The wire can easily be tapped at the kick panel below the dashboard on the driver side.

My meter, purchased from Northern Hydraulic (Now Northern Tools) in 1994,  is branded Tereflex. The flier that came with it indicates it is manufactured or imported  by Tereflex Electrical Products:

Teleflex Inc.  USA
1816 57th St
Sarasota  FL  34243
fax 813-355-7727

The rectangular meter brand in the 2000 Northern catalog, is listed as Airguide but it appears to be almost identical to mine. I installed one in Sue's 2001 Ram (details). Catalog key number: 16511, Item number: 16398-C126, Item: 10,000 hour meter, Price $29.99.